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Price Objections

This module highlights the models and skills needed to successfully resolve tough sales objections customers raise about price during the selling and negotiating phases of a pursuit. Sales professionals learn the power of the use of silence and how to articulate value to protect price and move the sale forward.

Executive Preparation Tips

This module addresses the extra level of preparation a sales professional must do when preparing to meet with an executive buyer. From thinking big picture to social listening, a sales professional must up their game and demonstrate their homework during those critical moments with executives.

Gaining Access – Uptiering Model

Gaining access from an everyday contact to a more senior one is a common challenge for sales professionals. This module teaches a sales professional how to ask to get access to someone more senior in a way that won’t offend the contact and provides a benefit to motivate them to say yes.

Gaining Access – Appointment Model

This module gives sales professionals a simple format to follow to quickly engage a prospect and get an appointment. From a persuasive hinge to making a second attempt, sales professionals will learn to craft a compelling message and engage a prospect to get the meeting.

Changes in Buying Behaviour

The first step to change is getting a sales professional to commit to why change is necessary. In this module, we cover the dramatic changes in buyer behaviour that have taken place in recent years and how those changes impact sales professionals across all industries and geographies.

Trusted Adviser Pyramid and Definitions

Reaching trusted adviser status is the desired state for every sales professional when they think about their most important customer relationships. But getting there is not easy. This module introduces the concepts of how customers view sales professionals and the elements that set a trusted adviser apart from lesser sales peers. Richardson Sales Performance’s Trusted Adviser module teaches a five-part Framework to develop a preferred provider position with key accounts.

Value Statement

Powerful in its simplicity, our value statement module gives sales professionals an easy way to frame an idea, insight, or position that resonates with customers and gets to the heart of what makes any statement persuasive – value. This value statement can be used in many selling situations from prospecting to get an appointment, through persuasively positioning

Leveraging Seniors

Bringing in a senior executive can be very powerful in a meeting with a buyer. However; ensuring that executive is prepared and plays the role the seller needs them to takes planning and skills. This module addresses the critical elements on how to best use a senior executive for maximum impact with the customer.

Credibility Model

It takes new prospects just a few seconds to form an impression about a sales professional when they first meet them. The first words out of a sales professionals mouth are important and how they build credibility needs to be through the lens of that specific buyer. This module teaches to-dos and don’ts of effectively building credibility in a meeting.

Four C’s of Executive Presence

The four C’s of Executive Presence are: confident, comfortable, competent and credible. This module teaches the best practices to achieve strong executive presence.

Total Offer

Your Total Offer consists of your core features and benefits and your value-added features and benefits. This module teaches sales professionals to think about their offering in the context of the whole and to position more than the core.

Sales Process and Verifiable Outcomes

This module takes your sales process and puts it into action with best practices and dialogue skills around the key activities for each stage. Sellers also learn about the importance of leading indicators, verifiable outcomes, in the sales process and how to ensure the customer is represented as a way to continuously qualify the opportunity.

Referrals and Networking

Asking for referrals is perhaps the best way to get new business. This module teaches sales professionals how to effectively and confidently ask for a referral in a way that uses value delivered and encourages agreement based on potential benefits.


Gatekeepers may look different today than they did in the past, but sales professionals still have to contend with getting past them to reach decision makers. This module addresses the do’s and don’ts of working with gatekeepers to get access.

Delivering Difficult Messages

How you deliver bad news to a customer can either reinforce or sever the relationship. This module teaches sales professionals an effective way to deliver difficult news in a way that is customer focused while maintaining the intent of the message.

Selling Against the Competition

Understanding who the competition is and how to position against them in a pursuit is critical to increases your win rate – and yet it shouldn’t be an overly time consuming or burdensome task. This module teaches sales professionals the critical questions to ask to identify competition in a pursuit and how to respectfully position against them by highlighting differentiating strengths matched to customer priorities.

Understanding the Decision-making Unit

This module teaches sales professionals how to uncover the customer’s decision-making roles, process, power, and politics so that they can successfully navigate stakeholders and drive relevant and tailored value.

Functional Focus

Different executives care about different objectives and outcomes. Understanding what they prioritise and how they define success is critical. This module teaches sellers what the different functional areas care about when it comes to making money, saving money and managing risk.

Positioning and Quantifying Value

Not all buyers view value solely through a financial lens. They may use a technical, strategic, or partnership lens as well. This module teaches sales professionals how to communicate value in a way that resonates with all stakeholders based on their buying behaviors.

Social Selling

Using social platforms is proven way to sell today. This module highlights the best practices for social listening, research, participation, and networking using social platforms to advance prospecting and selling efforts.

Cross Selling and Upselling

Expanding the deal size and increase the lifetime value of a customer comes down to surfacing needs – recognized and unrecognized – that the sales professional can help address. This module focuses on what questions to ask and how and when to ask them to maximise the potential opportunity with the customer.