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Consultative Selling Training Programme

Consultative Selling Skills Dramatically Improve the Quality of Sales Calls

importance of consultative selling skillsChanges in how global organisations, individual business buyers, and consumers make purchase decisions have driven permanent shifts in how sales organisations must go to market and interact with customers and prospects. Buyers are more informed and have more choices to solve problems, yet they are more likely to stick with what they know.

While buyers today are well-informed, busy, pressured, risk-averse, and more demanding, they still need guidance to make the best business and personal decisions. Even though customers have unprecedented access to knowledge, they face the difficulty of sorting through what matters most and finding the value among all the options. More information doesn’t always translate into accurate, clearer understanding; they still need sellers to accurately diagnose their unique situations and identify the best solutions to make an informed buying decision that drives the results that they need.

To be truly effective and differentiated in the eyes of today’s buyers, sellers need to create value in the buying experience itself — that means helping customers to better understand the true nature of a business issue and how best to address it. They must demonstrate credibility, build trust and openness through authenticity, offer ideas that shape thinking and help surface unrecognised needs, and connect the dots to create value.

Consultative Selling Training Programme

Richardson’s Second Edition Consultative Selling Programme focuses on the critical structure of a sales conversation or customer meeting and provides a powerful roadmap for a successful, buyer-focused dialogue. The Consultative Selling Framework provides salespeople with a consistent, repeatable process to more effectively execute their sales conversations. The Six Critical Skills fuel and support the Framework, empowering salespeople to apply their technical excellence and use every sales skill available to open more doors, better understand customer needs, more persuasively articulate value, and close more deals.

What Does A Great Consultative Sale Look Like?

Richardson’s Accelerate Platform uses video-based scenarios to bring sales professionals from good to great. The video below is used in our Consultative Selling Programme to demonstrate how to overcome sales objections with a consultative approach. It shares insights on how to execute sales conversations when they matter most – in front of the buyer.

Business Benefits of the Consultative Selling Training Programme

  • Drive increased revenue by improving close ratios for new customers and expanding business with existing customers
  • Create competitive advantage by building a sales culture that is tightly aligned to market needs and drives business performance through buyer-focused sales dialogues
  • Create new and larger opportunities by surfacing unrecognised needs
  • Shorten sales cycle length by driving momentum and building buyer confidence to commit

Learning Objectives of the Consultative Selling Training Programme

  • Define Consultative Selling and explain why it is crucial to creating customer value and winning business
  • Apply the Consultative Selling Framework to engage buyers in a customer-focused consultative dialogue, develop and expand relationships, and increase sales results
  • Identify the Six Critical Skills that power the Consultative Selling Framework and allow sellers to  use their natural strengths to create a dialogue, build the openness and trust needed to surface recognized and unrecognized customer needs, communicate in a compelling way, and close profitable business
  • Understand the science of Cognitive Dissonance and how customer objections arise and apply a model to defuse defensiveness and engage the customer to resolve their resistance
  • Increase seller’s awareness of their current sales approach, provide them with feedback on their strengths and areas for improvement and support them in developing strategies and skills to reach their next levels of sales excellence
  • Apply guidelines for giving and receiving feedback and peer and self-coaching skills to ensure ongoing development

Programme Delivery

Similar to all of Richardson’s sales training programmes, content for Consultative Selling training is highly customised to any level, from new to experienced sellers, their managers, and executive management.

Richardson’s Consultative Selling Training programme is available in the following modalities: