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Develop Channel Partners Business and Relationships Effectively

For organisations that use indirect channels sales partners for all or part of their revenues, Channel Partner Managers (CPMs) play an essential part of those companies’ success. Unfortunately, in working with our clients, we find that the role of the CPM is often defined too vaguely. Without clear guidance, a CPM will spend too much of their time simply reacting to partner requests, instead of working proactively to develop and maximise channel partner sales results.



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Channel Partner Management Training Programme

Channel Partner Management (CPM) is a methodology designed to help channel partner managers to develop and manage a portfolio of partners to generate higher levels of sales results. The programme provides repeatable methods and tools, develops the skills required to effectively identify and recruit channel partners, jointly plan for partners’ growth and success and significantly improve the level of relationship with channel partner organisations.

The result of Channel Partner Management is a more successful channel sales organisation with higher levels of sales productivity, more efficient use of channel support resources and more profitable business.

Channel Partner Management Training Programme Business Benefits

Upon completing the training programme, your sales team will experience the following business benefits:

    • Sell more business to, with and through channel partners
    • Increase mindshare of channel partners for selling company solutions
    • Higher partner productivity
    • Increased profitability

Key Areas of Content

Recruit and Onboard Productive Partners

Channel Partner Managers can improve revenues from integrators, distributors, resellers, dealers and other sales channels, by identifying, recruiting and onboarding the right partners. The Channel Partner Management methodology provides methods and tools to help Channel Partner Managers evaluate potential partner candidates, and to determine where to focus to ensure a smooth and effective onboarding process, enabling partners to become productive rapidly.

Develop Plans for Channel Partner Success

Partners use a variety of go-to-market methods – selling to, through or with solution providers, or some hybrid thereof – requiring different types of joint planning and programme development. The Channel Partner Management methodology includes planning tools and templates, which can be tuned for different types of partnership programmes, to ensure clear identification of goals and expectations, rules of engagement and joint activities for achieving desired results.

Manage and Grow Channel Partners Business

To grow channel sales results, Channel Partner Managers must interact with partners in ways that create mutual value and raise the level of relationship over time. However, they must do this through influence, rather than through direct authority – this creates unique challenges. The Channel Partner Management programme includes refined methods and techniques for preparing and executing partner coaching and development dialogues, and for managing performance of joint partnership plans, in ways that provide value to both the solution provider and the partner.

Programme Delivery Options

Our Channel Partner Management Programme is Available in the Following Modalities

Our VILT solution leverages video and digital technology and 40+ years of sales and learning expertise. Our virtual classroom replicates the experience and impact of live, in-person training by using interactive tools such as polling, chats, and breakout groups, to ensure time for small group work like group drills and role plays.

Our onsite, Instructor-led workshops are an experience. We use a ‘Learn-by-Doing’ methodology, where sellers are actively participating in role plays, problem-solving, and brainstorming exercises. They also receive intensive coaching and feedback throughout the onsite programme by the best facilitators in the business.

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