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Sales Pipeline Management Training

Delivering Revenue Begins with Constant Management of the Sales Pipeline

With the availability of data through the wide adoption of CRM systems, there are greater expectations being placed on sales managers to intimately know the details of their pipelines and provide accurate forecasting. A sales manager’s ability to accurately diagnose pipeline issues can help him or her target coaching efforts to focus on improving individual sales efforts and sales pipeline development. The more a sales manager can better understand the “story” the sales pipeline data is telling them about the health of their sales efforts, the more accurate and effective they can be in building it.

Sales Pipeline Management Training Programme

Richardson’s Sales Pipeline Management Programme helps sales managers apply solid, fact-based analysis. This training programme develops managers’ skills in assessing the health of the pipeline and correctly diagnosing root cause issues that are impacting speed, accuracy, and visibility. The result of this intensive programme is that sales managers are positioned to dramatically increase the quality and integrity of the sales funnel to more effectively forecast and achieve business objectives and sales quotas.

Business Benefits of the Sales Pipeline Management Training Programme

  • Increase close ratios by targeting opportunities that represent maximum potential
  • Increase sales forecasting accuracy
  • Increase deal speed and the quality of the overall pipeline
  • Identify critical areas for coaching and consulting to help salespeople accelerate opportunities

Learning Objectives of the Sales Pipeline Management Training Programme

  • Recognise the highly interactive nature of the pipeline management process
  • Identify potential pipeline risks
  • Link the stages of the pipeline to key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics
  • Recognise indicators of pipeline “health” and common pipeline problems using KPIs and metrics
  • Establish disciplines and best practices that will support robust pipeline management
  • Anticipate how a change to more robust pipeline management will be perceived by your sales team
  • Develop an approach for communicating the benefits of pipeline and funnel management to your sales team and get their commitment
  • Practice focusing on a pipeline issue using data, engaging in a productive coaching dialogue, and collaboratively problem solving in order to create an action plan to change the pipeline

Programme Delivery

The sales Pipeline Management Programme is available as a one-day instructor-led-training programme with an option for synchronous virtual delivery.