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Coaching the Coach Training Programme

Build a Coaching Culture That Drives Results

Creating a culture of ongoing development starts at the top. Research shows that sales managers who get coached are managers who themselves coach. The key is having a common process for all to support and use throughout the organisation to exponentially increase the impact of effective coaching.

Coaching the Coach Training Programme

Richardson’s Coach the Coach Programme is intended to be a corporate coaching training which provides a process that senior managers can use to prepare for and engage in successful dialogues as they help other managers achieve their revenue and relationship objectives. The programme gives senior managers the confidence and skills to overcome common challenges faced when “coaching the coach,” such as resistance from managers who feel they are too experienced to be coached or reluctance from managers who feel threatened that they will not be perceived as effective if they receive coaching.

Using a four-part Developmental Coaching Framework, senior managers learn to provide incremental feedback that is directly linked to achieving business objectives. Through highly customised scenarios, senior managers practice the critical skill at the heart of Developmental Coaching and leadership that “lets them talk first.”

In other words, instead of “telling” sales managers what to do, a developmental coach uses a strategic process and questioning skills to help sales managers uncover obstacles and create their own solutions. As a result, senior managers are strong role models and collaboratively “walk the walk,” sales managers self-coach and feel mutual respect toward their bosses, and the organisation fosters a culture that seeks and values feedback as an integral part of everyday business.

Business Benefits of the Coaching the Coach Training Programme

  • Build an organisation-wide coaching culture that drives business performance
  • Enable senior managers to serve as resources to the managers who report to them and provide more valued support, information, guidance, and reinforcement
  • Ensure that senior managers continue to grow in their roles and make significant contributions to growing the business and developing client relationships

Learning Objectives of the Coaching the Coach Training Programme

  • Provide senior managers with a Developmental Coaching process and skills to use in coaching their sales managers to increase business results and create a culture of ongoing development
  • Increase the effectiveness of senior managers to role model exceptional coaching skills, reinforce the business strategy, and support sales managers and their teams in meeting revenue goals and building long-term client relationships
  • Increase senior managers’ awareness of their existing coaching approaches, provide them with feedback, and support them in reaching the next level in leadership effectiveness

Programme Delivery

Programme content is highly customised for new to experienced senior sales managers. It is available through one-half to two-day classroom delivery (Richardson-led or Train-the-Trainer), online eLearning, one-on-one coaching, or webinar, and a wide variety of relevant books and support materials to embed and sustain learning are also available.