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Alan Garvey

Managing Director Richardson Sales Performance Europe

Alan Garvey is Richardson Sales Performance’s Managing Director of Richardson Sales Performance Europe. He is responsible for leading Richardson Sales Performance’s growth strategy internationally.

Prior to joining Richardson Sales Performance, Alan served as Managing Director of Provek Limited, a UK-based project management consulting and training company. From 2002 to 2016, he was with TwentyEighty Strategy Execution (formerly ESI International and IPS Learning), a global corporate training company, where he served as Managing Director for both EMEA and Asia-Pacific.

Alan’s proven track record and experience in managing and growing the EMEA arm of a US-based corporate training organisation are particularly relevant to Richardson Sales Performance. He brings a strong skill set to enable close collaboration globally and to ensure that our teams deliver successfully to our EMEA-based clients, develop those client relationships, and grow by finding and winning new opportunities in the region for Richardson Sales Performance.

As the leader of Richardson Sales Performance’s team in the EMEA region, Alan often works closely with sales teams seeking to nurture and grow strategic global accounts. He helps them define a consistent and structured approach to strategically pursue and win new business within key accounts.

“The Prosperous Account Strategy training programme is an exciting new addition to Richardson Sales Performance’s Connected Selling CurriculumTM. It’s useful for new and mature sales professionals alike because it provides a practical  approach to capturing and analysing critical information, and developing a strategy to expand and grow existing customer relationships. The customer-centric focus helps identify the critical white space in priority accounts, which is where you can uncover the opportunity to maximise their potential.”

Alan is a graduate of Coventry University and resides near London.


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