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Enhanced Service for Retail Banking Training Programme

Retail Banking Service Training Enhances the Customer Experience

Traditional retail banks are struggling to attract and retain customers. The rise of digital entrants has equipped consumers to bank with more independence than ever.  For this reason, 55% of bank executives see these new solutions as a threat according to research from PwC. As a result, “fewer than 20% of executives feel well-prepared for the future.”

Banking is highly competitive, and customers have a lot of choices. Customers are more demanding and less patient. Each interaction with a customer forms a view of your brand and is an opportunity to build brand loyalty, retain and grow revenue, gain referrals and develop a reputation for exceptional service (learn more here).

Richardson Sales Performance’s Enhanced Service for Retail Banking programme helps retail banking professionals:

    1. Execute customer service that rises to the level of a competitive advantage
    2. Shift their mindset to view sales as a way to add additional value to the customer
    3. Position additional services and products as part of the solution

Retail banking professionals must become comfortable with proactively positioning solutions. However, selling is not a familiar routine to many of these professionals. Therefore, they must change their thinking around how they approach the service interaction.

This programme shows how to make this mindset change, deliver exemplary customer service, and use information learned in the conversation to deliver unexpected value by positioning additional products and services. To achieve these three objectives, participants will learn to develop self-awareness, personalise the customer service experience, spark the customer’s interest in an expanded solution, and more.

Building this skill set allows retail banking sales and service leaders to access the untapped potential of customer success teams.

Enhanced Service for Retail Banking Training Programme Learning Objectives

The Enhanced Service for Retail Banking training programme improves your team’s performance by training retail banking professionals to:

    • Develop knowledge and skills that will help to create a consistent, world-class customer experience
    • Provide a consistent framework and skills that deliver a common language, process, and mindset for delivering an exceptional customer experience and identifying opportunities to enhance the dialogue with value-added product and services
    • Use real-life scenarios to develop that confidence and skills to engage the customer in a dialogue that delivers unexpected value
    • Develop feedback and peer and self-coaching skills to ensure ongoing development

Enhanced Service for Retail Banking Training Programme Business Benefits

Upon completing the Enhanced Service for Retail Banking training programme (learn more here), your team will experience the following business benefits:

    • Develop a structured method for transitioning from serving the immediate need to understanding broader needs
    • Realise greater economic value from the customer service call by positioning additional products and services that serve the customer’s complete needs
    • Boost customer loyalty and retention with service that relates to the customer with an authentic and personalised approach
    • Project confidence, credibility, and conviction in tone and words to convey interest, gain respect and inspire trust
    • Improve first call resolution rates

Programme Delivery

Programme content is customised to any retail banking service role.

Richardson Sales Performance’s Enhanced Service for Retail Banking Training Programme is available in the following modalities:

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