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Our Secret

Our team works hard to understand your business and your customers to define the skills that will drive meaningful performance for your organisation

Sales Performance is Our Passion and Our Expertise

Richardson Sales Performance is the global leader in sales training and performance improvement. For over 40 years, we have worked with the most inspiring sales organisations across industries and geographies. We drive accelerated growth by enabling agility in your sales team so they can get ahead of buyers’ changing needs and act quickly to win.

From ensuring your sales managers are executing the right activities to equipping your sales team with the skills and agile approach that focuses on customer collaboration, we will guide your sales organisation through a digitally-enabled performance journey that excites, engages, and reveals results

The Secret to Sales Excellence

Richardson Sales Performance's sales secret is that after four decades, we are still leading the sales training industry because of the quality and customsation of our solutions to drive customers’ success time and again.

Our customers’ stories don’t end when they reach their sales goals. For us, success comes when they push beyond the expected, using the skills we’ve helped them master to transform businesses, lead markets, uncover new opportunities, and strike out in new directions. We help customers achieve this level of sales excellence through a powerful combination of expertise, dedication, and differentiated capabilities.

Richardson Sales Performance's Key Differentiators

Connected Selling Curriculum™

A collection of sales training programmes built to work together and build upon each other across roles and capabilities to drive a common language and clear approach for sales performance at scale. This flexible, interconnected curriculum builds modern selling capabilities and drives consistency and agility across your enterprise.

Performance Journey Architecture

Blended, digitally-enabled performance journey that recognises new ways of working. Our performance journey architecture intentionally integrates measurement, learning, workflow tools, and change strategies supported by data and technology to drive organisational and individual change.

Collaborative Customisation

We know that training will only stick if the content is relevant to the audience. Our proprietary customisation process defines the critical selling behaviours that matter most to your organisation and allows us to create targeted role-plays and scenarios. The integration of your strategy into the learning outputs ensures the training is optimised to your sellers’ and buyers’ needs and serves as a vehicle to drive your strategy throughout the organisation.

Visible, Connected Data & Insights

We provide our clients with real-time data visualisation of sales performance metrics to drive continuous improvement. Our comprehensive approach to measurement not only demonstrates the return on investment but also gives you real-time, actionable, data-backed insights to facilitate in the moment for adjustments and sustainment decisions. Our approach to training sales teams blends tools with expertise to shed light on how they are performing, as well as additional opportunities for adjustments.

Expertise and Dedication

From your first conversation with us, you’ll realize we’re different. It is our job to make you feel like our entire staff are fully integrated members of your sales team. Our team of sales training experts puts your organisation’s priorities first and measure success in terms of your satisfaction and business growth. 

agile sales training programs suite

Sprint Selling

An agile sales methodology that helps your sales team understand buyers changing needs and act quickly to win.

agile sales training

Sprint Prospecting

An agile approach to targeting, messaging, and engaging high-potential prospects to develop relationships and generate new business opportunities.

agile sales prospecting training program

Sprint Negotiations

A value-based approach to engaging in negotiations with customers, emphasising precision and agility to drive mutually-beneficial outcomes.

agile sales negotiations

Sprint Coaching

Transforms the role of sales manager from being the expert who directs to a coach who inspires self-motivation to learn, change and improve results.

agile sales coaching

Build Agility with Our Suite of Sprint Selling Training Programmes

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