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A Cloud-based Digital Scorecard Makes Coaching Easy

To sustainably change behaviour, you must first address the underlying beliefs and attitudes of your people. The Richardson Sales Performance Coaching CloudTM is a cloud-based sales performance management system and software that sits at the heart of your coaching programme, delivering real-time field evaluations of individuals and teams across your organisation.

For senior leaders, it delivers peace of mind. The platform provides measurable evidence that coaching is taking place across all managers and teams in a way that is consistent with your sales methodology and best practices.

Most importantly, the cloud provides a mechanism to link your coaching activities to critical outcomes, allowing you to benchmark and evaluate sales performance along the way. By aligning activities with your own KPIs, or to industry standards, you can measure and benchmark the impact of your coaching activities on critical learning and performance outcomes, like speed-to-proficiency and opportunity velocity.

Capture Real-time Field Evaluations of Your Sellers

Sales managers use a digital scorecard to evaluate sellers in the field. The sales performance evaluation results can be viewed in the Richardson Sales Performance Coaching CloudTM through straightforward dashboard reports that give a detailed view of skills, knowledge, and capabilities. These reports can also be filtered to show information according to your specific organisational structure. Not only can the results of evaluations be used to initiate a tailored development programme for your sales professionals, the subsequent coaching activity can also be tracked for effectiveness and future development.

Report examples include:

  • Individual Journey Tracker — Complete overview of the evaluation status, commitments to change, and coaching activity for each representative
  • Client Evaluation Results — Overview of the evaluation results
  • Company Evaluation Progress — Across the company, the evaluation progress (for example, the number of evaluations completed)
  • Project Progress — Evaluation progress at the project level
  • Commitments to Change — The progress across the company in relation to the commitment to change
  • Cloud Login Report — Shows how frequently people are logging into the system

Tailoring Coaching Cloud to Your Business

Discovery. We start by understanding your business. Before proceeding with any form of assessment/evaluation, it is critical for a Discovery meeting to take place. The Discovery meeting will help us to understand your organisational culture, strategies, KPIs, products and services, processes, and corporate responsibilities. Additionally, it is critical at this stage that we understand the resources and systems that you have available to help drive the programme forward.

Scorecards. The information gathered from the Discovery meeting will enable us to tailor every aspect of the programme to your specific needs, including the creation of the role-specific, best-practice scorecards. You can create your own scorecards from scratch, or we can start with our bank of over 450 role profiles created by sales experts and business psychologists. The scorecards/competency frameworks will reflect what your sales professionals need to know and do to make the programme successful.

Benchmarking. As part of the process, we will provide you with an evidence-based benchmarking approach that is comprehensively grounded on weighted binary (“Yes” or “No” answers) data that measures the actual knowledge, behaviours, and skills of your salespeople and sales teams. The benchmarking is based on the competencies displayed and undertaken by sales reps in live sales situations (either “live” customer meetings or role plays with coaches).

This is not an “opinion-based” evaluation system. Opinions, likes/dislikes, and preferences are not included or factored into the evaluation output. The system provides you with defined examples and data, based on what did/did not take place within actual “live” sales calls and customer interactions.

We will provide you with examples of “best practices,” which will be tailored and will also provide actions (Commitments to Change) to help improve performance. Low levels of performance will be defined by data, commercial results, and real examples, rather than emotions and “feelings.”

Development Plans. To ensure that salespeople receive training that is specific to them, development plans are created according to the needs identified from evaluations. Tailoring and customising is critical to the success of any development journey. A tailored development programme can be customiszed to the needs of the training group, providing them with targeted training that is both relevant and highly effective.

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