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Infographic - How to Build a Sales Academy

Recently, Richardson partnered with Training Industry to find out what sales professionals value in a sales academy. After collecting more than 360 responses across 17 different questions, we discovered some interesting insights about what sales professionals need to succeed today.

Participants indicated that effective sales training follows a structured learning path that focuses on the long term. This structure must include many different mediums for blended learning that drives engagement among all individuals. Often, a blended approach means balancing instructor-led training with digital learning tools. These different modalities help address different sales roles within a complex selling organization. As a result, professionals are equipped to understand the market and grow existing customer relationships.

Respondents also told us that they require ways to benchmark their performance against peers. Measurements like this help sales professionals gauge how revenant their skills are in the drive to understand customer needs, present effectively, and become a trusted advisor.

We have condensed the most important findings into an infographic so you can start rebuilding your sales academy based on what in-the-field sales professionals need.

Download the Full-Size Infographic Here


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Download the Infographic: - How to Build an Effective Sales Academy: A Sales Professionals Perspective
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