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Winning the Sale with Data and Storytelling

Sales professionals can leverage the skill of storytelling to compel a customer to buy.

In our latest white paper, Selling with Data and Storytelling, we look at how sales professionals close more deals with data to legitimize a solution and at the contextual power of a story to promote it. Specifically:

  • The importance of “right-sizing” data for clear, concise messaging
  • The three factors that drive persuasion when using data
  • How using “preattentive attributes” draws customers’ attention to key takeaways
  • The five-part structure for building stories that persuade

Learn why when it comes to selling, data is the fuel and story is the engine.

To download this white paper please click here.

About the Author

Ben Taylor is the content marketing manager at Richardson. He has an MBA in finance from LaSalle University and over a decade of business & writing experience. He has covered content for brands including Nasdaq, Barclaycard & Business Insider.

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Complimentary White Paper: Winning the Sale With Data and Storytelling
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