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Kaufman Increases Sales 12% in First Month Post-training

The Challenge

H.W. Kaufman Group, a global network of insurance companies, was growing. This growth introduced the company to three challenges.

First, it became increasingly clear that managing their scale would require a new approach. Second, competitive forces were growing.  In response to this challenge, Kaufman realised that it needed to evolve from a product-focused wholesaler to a client-focused organisation. Third, the business needed everyone within to embrace “One Kaufman.” Doing so meant that each company within Kaufman would support all of the other companies.

Kaufman wanted to overcome these challenges and thereby increase revenue by 10% in each market, becoming the first choice for wholesalers and inspiring top producers to continue growing their business.

The Results

12% increase in sales within their first month post-training
After the initial month, revenue grew 61% among offices engaged in training
The investment in the workforce helped reduce employee turnover by 18%