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The future of sales is agile

Introducing Sprint Selling

Connected Selling Curriculum

We have done the heavy lifting; identifying and outlining the critical selling behaviors most needed to improve sales outcomes and reduce the duration of the sales cycle. The Connected Selling Curriculum is a deep, broad, and effective solution that helps your sales team learn and apply those critical behaviors in the field. Each of the formal sales training programs within the curriculum are customized to enhance skills based on the sales stage and complexity of the sale.

Sprint ProspectingTM Training Programme Overview

Pipeline is the lifeblood of any sales organisation. In today’s environment, it is critical to have an approach that helps your sellers effectively reach the right audience in a manner that captures their attention and makes them want to engage in a conversation. Our new Sprint ProspectingTM programme equips your sellers with an agile sprint methodology to create powerful messaging, engage prospects, and advance conversations.

sprint prospecting model for salesSelling Sprints are how your sales professionals move through the phases of an opportunity pursuit and engage with the customer. A sprint is a burst of activity that revolves around key moments of conversation with the customer, and consists of 3 components: Prepare-Engage-Advance. Each sprint should result in a mini close.

In our Sprint ProspectingTM programme, we teach your sales professionals how to apply selling sprints to embrace the dynamic nature of engaging and selling, and integrate specific techniques, skills, and tools to progress each interaction.

By applying selling sprints in their prospecting efforts, sales professionals will learn that each customer interaction — from an informal, social engagement to a more formal, initial meeting– arms them with knowledge needed to assess the next best move against their original objectives. This helps sales professionals to stay agile and adapt as they ultimately attempt to move prospecting efforts to more, involved selling efforts.

Applying Selling Sprints in prospecting also teaches your sales professionals how to think more objectively and strategically as they plan and execute a single sprint at a time, and adapt future sprints based on the outcome of sprints completed.

Business Benefits of Sales Prospecting Training

Upon completing the Sprint ProspectingTM training programme, your sales team will experience the following business benefits:

  • Improved ability to generate buyer receptivity through strategic targeting and relevant messaging
  • Increased volume of qualified leads and/or opportunities in the sales pipeline
  • Increased number of new contacts and meetings booked
  • Increased number of leads from referral sources

Key Areas Covered

  • Critical Skills for a Sales Dialogue

    The moment of truth is in the dialogue. The Six Critical Skills are the observable behaviours that support a sales dialogue. They allow sales professionals to leverage their natural strengths to create a dialogue, foster the openness and trust needed to understand customer needs, communicate in a compelling way, and close profitable business.

  • Demonstrating Emotional Intelligence

    Consultative Selling is human and natural. Sales professionals need a process and skills to leverage their natural styles, not a rigid set of steps or manipulative tactics that suppress their natural styles. We work with sales professionals to generate self-awareness, the foundational building block for increased emotional intelligence and more effective human interactions.

  • Winning Profitable Business

    Growth is about getting to the next level and increasing confidence. These critical skills help sales professionals to use their unique set of strengths and opportunities for improvement to foster positive relationships, create exceptional buying experiences, and build trust to win more business.

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  • 12%5-12% Increase in Revenue

  • 24%Improvement in skill efficiency

  • 35%Increase in knowledge proficiency

  • 900Global Clients

  • 3.5M+Individuals Trained

Sales Performance Platform

Richardson’s new Accelerate™ Sales Performance Platform is a digital learning platform that enables sales professionals to develop and apply the right selling skills at the right moment to win the sale and drive revenue.

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Definitely the best management training I've experienced in media. Really appreciate the opportunity to grow my skillset and bring more value to iProspect as a result!
Account Director, iProspect

Succeed with every buyer, every time

In our work creating professional sales training programmes for top-performing sales teams, Richardson Sales Performance has identified the critical selling skills and behaviours most needed to improve sales outcomes and reduce the duration of the sales cycle. Each of the formal sales training programmes within the curriculum is customised to enhance skills based on the sales stage and complexity of the sale. When your salespeople show up, they must be exceptional — cutting through the noise and distilling what matters most. That’s where we come in. We’ll train your sales team to outperform the competition when the buyer has heard it all and is looking for substance.

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