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Consultative Inside Sales Training

Train your inside sales team to build rapport and engage customers - fast

Unlock the potential of inside sales teams with a consultative approach

Automated sales tools have created new efficiencies for field and inside sales teams. These solutions make it possible to reach more customers without in-person meetings or travel. Success with this model cannot come from volume alone. More customer conversations will not move the needle unless you provide your team with sales training for telesales that equips them with skills and strategies to drive value in each interaction.

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For Who

Sales Professionals
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Virtual instructor-led
Digital Learning
Blended Learning
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1-Day ILTWorkshop; Two 4-hour VILT Workshops, Pre and Post Digital Learning

Consultative Inside Sales Training Programme Overview

The Consultative Inside Sales training programme trains sales professionals who sell over the phone to connect solutions to needs and drive tailored value. It offers a specific framework designed to fit the inside sales model. Sales professionals learn about the biases and psychological principles at work in customer interactions and how to navigate them.

Sales Performance Platform Example: Connecting with an Inbound Call

The video below is from the Consultative Inside Sales Training programme on our Sales Performance Platform. It demonstrates an ineffective example of the skill of connecting with an inbound call with coaching insights.

Consultative Inside Sales Training Programme Business Benefits

Upon completing the Consultative Inside Sales training programme, your team will experience the following business benefits:

  • Differentiation through a constant focus on satisfying your customers’ needs and continuously bringing solutions that add value with each phone call
  • Shortened sales cycle by closing more profitable opportunities faster by leveraging telesales skills training within your organisation
  • Expanded depth and breadth of a solution during telesales conversations through cross-selling additional products and services
  • Increased effectiveness and quality assurance of phone selling through a consistent, organisation-wide sales process
  • Continuous improvement from sharing a common “language” and best practises for teleselling that increases the effectiveness of coaching sessions

Consultative Inside Sales Training Programme Brochure

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  • 12%5-12% Increase in Revenue

  • 24%Improvement in skill efficiency

  • 35%Increase in knowledge proficiency

  • 900Global Clients

  • 3.5M+Individuals Trained

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