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Richardson is founded by sales expert and New York Times Best Selling Author, Linda Richardson in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Established Richardson's flagship program, Consultative Selling.
The first of 15+ Richardson books on selling skills and strategies is published
Sales Performance International launches Solution Selling® as revolutionizing Sales Process Methodology by Mike Bosworth.
Sales Performance International founded by Keith Eades as Solution Selling® Authorized Partner with operations in the US, Belgium, and the UK.
Richardson launches suite of sales management offerings, including the flagship program, Developmental Sales Coaching.
Sales Performance International integrates Solution Selling®,
Sales Performance International launces comprehensive expansion of the Solution Selling® library including over 17 programs.
Richardson's global presence expands with international offices in the UK & APAC.
Sales Performance International launches e-Learning for more advanced learning support. Creation of Richardson Annual Client Forum bringing together top sales and learning leaders from around the globe.
Sales Performance International's e-Learning becomes multilingual across 7 languages.
Sales Performance International Europe is created.
Sales Performance International creates SPIHealth, a dedicated Life Sciences Practice, and launches healthcare specific programs including Evidence-based Solution Selling®. The company announces the creation of the Solution Selling® Continuous Learning Program (CLP), and expands to China with offices in Beijing and Shanghai in the 1st year.
Sales Performance International launches competency assessments service offering. Richardson awarded the highest Brandon Hall Group Smart Choice Certification for Best in Class Sales Training.
Sales Performance International celebrates the 25th Anniversary of SPI.
Sales Performance International launches the Sales Performance Platform, SPI-1. Richardson launches digital learning platform, Richardson Sales Performance AccelerateTM.
Richardson launches Team Selling Program based on the McGraw-Hill published book Sell Like A Team: The Blueprint for Building Teams That Win Big At High Stakes Meetings. Kartesia & SPI Management complete management buy out.
Richardson launches three new sales training programs, Storytelling, Prosperous Account Strategy, and Intentional Pursuit Strategy, aimed at improving sales professional's ability to engage the modern buyer. Sales Performance International launches the multilingual version of its digital learning assets across 7 languages.
Richardson and Sales Performance International merge within Kartesia's portfolio of companies.
Richardson and Sales Performance International announce a new combined company name: Richardson Sales Performance.

What We Do

Richardson Sales Performance works with leading sales organizations to simplify and solve their sales-growth needs through their sales management operations, their field sales capabilities, and the data and tools that help their teams get ahead and stay ahead. With digitally enabled delivery of time-tested methodologies and behavioral science-backed skills that have helped grow companies all over the world, the new Richardson Sales Performance exists to help organizations find the best path to outperformance by revealing the organization’s potential with actionable clarity.

what we do
drive sales performance

How We Drive Performance

Our curriculum has grown from foundational selling courses to over 200 modules aimed at helping sellers find, win and grow business. Our sales management curriculum gets to the heart of driving high performing sales teams. Our delivery, which began with intensive, application based workshops has grown to an industry-leading blended offering where sellers and sales managers can learn when and where it works best for them to drive long-term results. We are known for the quality and depth of our customization today as well as our relentless focus on driving impact.

Our Team

Over the years we have attracted a team of talented, sales-savvy professionals who show up every day ready to help our customers and their sales teams raise the bar. Our facilitators are a talented group of sellers themselves who dedicated their professional lives to helping others build selling skills and break through critical selling moments. Our designers understand how to connect selling capabilities to sales metrics and expertly craft solutions that are fit for purpose and drive results. Our relationship managers and management teams across the company keep a laser focus on our customers and are constantly working to help them stay ahead of the pack.

We aren’t afraid to give our clients our best thinking, even if it differs from their own. And we always stand ready to support them in reaching their next level of excellence – from unprecedented growth to exceptional learning outcomes.

rsp team