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Join Us For a Webinar: Negotiating With the Modern Buyer

Successful sellers are moving beyond the adversarial approach to negotiating. Winning the sale today requires a consultative style. In the end, the relationship between the buyer and seller strengthens winning the sale today and tomorrow.

On October 30th, Miriam Abbey, Richardson Senior Training Consultant will present a webinar on Winning the Sale without Thinning the Sale: Negotiating with the Modern Buyer, and we would like to extend an invitation for you to join us.

The webinar topics will include:

  • Strategies and countermeasures needed to control and guide negotiation and successfully shape the perception of value to increase deal size, reduce discounting, and attain a higher win/loss ratio
  • How sellers can avoid resorting to concessions by using questioning that converts inflexible customer demands into needs
  • How sellers can influence the customer’s receptiveness to the value of a solution with “priming,” which, in turn, maximizes the scope of the solution

To request a recording of this webinar contact us at info.richardson.com.

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