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Team Selling Webinar November 21

Excellence in Team Selling is critical to success for commercial selling organizations today. Customers bring more stakeholders to the table and expect to meet more than just the salesperson before making a commitment.

To manage these moments effectively, salespeople need to ensure that all players are operating at peak performance – individually and as a unit- in those high-stakes meetings.

On November 21st at 2pm EST, Michael Dalis, Richardson Senior Training Consultant will present a webinar with SMM Connect on Winning the Team Sale: Building Selling Teams That Win Big, and we would like to extend an invitation for you to join us.

The webinar topics will include:

  • Why team selling is a trending topic among top-selling organizations
  • The five stages of fielding a winning selling team
  • The roles that effective salespeople play at each stage
  • How getting great at Team Selling can increase deal size and close rate

To request a recording of this webinar please contact us at info.richardson.com.

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