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Sales Transformation happens...when the right changes are made

You can’t tweak your way to excellence. Or get superb results by playing musical chairs with people, positions, and territories.

Getting the impact you want – that you need – takes a new way of thinking about your customers…a clear understanding of changing market trends…and a responsive strategy for taking charge of your future. Incremental change brings incremental results. What’s necessary in today’s business world is transformation.

Driving forces…shake up the status quo

There are many forces driving the need for transformation:

  • The Internet can be a double-edged sword. The immediacy of  new technologies and social networks create great opportunities to connect with customers in new ways. They also shift the traditional selling paradigm, equipping customers with more knowledge and competitive leverage than ever before.
  • The rollercoaster ride of the global economy has left many organizations on wobbly legs. Even the best of sales teams have weak areas where processes and skill sets can be improved. 
  • Buyers themselves are changing, whether for generational, emotional, financial, environmentally driven, or other reasons. Their needs and expectations continue to change – and so must sales teams if they want to connect with decision makers.
  • With change as a constant, companies with the vision to anticipate developing trends and shifts in the competitive landscape have the advantage.

Transformation is more than a solution for struggling businesses; it should be a critical strategic consideration for every business.

At Richardson, we have seen sales transformation take many forms – from new business models and new ways to sell and service clients to completely new go-to-market approaches.

While the responses to change may be unique to each organization, a common need exists for the tools and skills to get the job done right. To achieve results through transformation, everyone involved – those who make the sale, build the relationship, manage the team, connect with decision makers, handle the account – must be aligned with the right process and be speaking the same language.

“We thought it was really a great time for us to focus on the basics, which we consider to be three areas. Which was training, motivation of the team, and upgrading our talent.”

Jordon Clark, Vice President Sales

Nothing is more convincing than results.

Richardson has a strong track record of helping clients get results, using its award-winning Sales Effectiveness System as the framework to:

  • Ready their salesforce for success
  • Equip their people with the skills and behaviors to execute specific sales strategies
  • Embed this knowledge into daily work practices.

In short, Richardson is helping its clients transform the way they think, act, and close deals – adding value to relationships and driving revenues.

Richardson is a recognized and award-winning leader in salesforce consulting and training, with more than three decades’ expertise woven into a Sales Effecutiveness System that delivers results.

Few companies can match Richardson for the level of customization and its full range of services, training, and tools. The Richardson approach encompasses salesforce readiness, performance improvement, and embedding the learnings for performance sustainment.

While most training companies teach the WHAT of effective selling – the process, methodology, approach – Richardson provides the missing link by also addressing the HOW, so participants can develop more of the critical skills to execute. This adds context to the knowledge, providing a path forward to help sales teams be more successful.

The best part about Richardson consulting and sales training? It works. Results are measured at the experiential and quantitative levels using performance surveys, tracking, benchmarking, and return on investment metrics.


“We partner with Richardson for all of our sales training. They’ve been key to our entire sales process transformation over the past few years and continue to be as we make sure our sales people at all levels are prepared to go into this new organization.”

 – Allison Kerska, Senior Director of Global Learning, Kelly Services

“We chose Richardson, and we felt that the depth of resources they provide can really help us step up our game in the sales process.”

– Jordon Clark, Vice President Sales, Harrah's Entertainment

Change bring choices

Now more than ever, companies need to alter the way they sell. It takes more than defining new markets and generating new leads. The transformation underway in today’s markets requires companies to rethink how they sell, and sometimes even what they sell – and to whom they sell.

Richardson is an experienced partner in helping its clients through their transformations, with training and development solutions that drive the desired changes in behavior to achieve results.

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