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Why Richardson

We strive to innovate our solutions to bring the greatest impact to our clients

Richardson is one of the few sales training firms ranked “Best in Class” by Brandon Hall. We earned this distinction because our solutions are designed – and have been proven – to drive sustained behavior change in sales teams. And also because we have some of the best assessments, instructional designers, and trainers in the world.


Our core differentiator is the Richardson Sales Effectiveness System, a framework that allows us to address the unique needs, culture, and circumstances within your sales force and your company. Using a highly collaborative approach and proven content, we focus on enabling the right sales activity and effective customer dialogues to achieve verifiable outcomes. 


Richardson has supported global leaders in creating effective sales cultures and executing their sales strategies for over three decades. Our value lies in our time-tested expertise in coaching and developing sales and service professionals so they can better understand client needs, position client solutions, and initiate and strengthen client relationships. The breadth and depth of our blended curriculum provides high-impact improvement strategies that mesh with our clients’ changing needs.


Why Are We Different? 

Our clients tell us we are unique for a variety of important reasons including:  

- Deep customization

- Industry specialization

- Interactive learning

- Extensive curriculum

- Traditional and digital delivery modalities

- Experienced and expert facilitators

- Results in initiating and sustaining change through the organization


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  • Industry Specialization

    Richardson prides itself on our industry specialization and the longstanding and productive partnerships we build with our clients. We deliver company and industry-specific solutions that add value because of our strong roots across all major business sectors.

  • Deep Customization

    We offer customized sales training for your organization. Whether it is the customization of our core content or the development of new solutions, our proprietary customization process ensures the solution supports your objectives and has greater impact on performance.

  • Facilitation Expertise

    Our trainers are recognized in the industry as exceptional facilitators and coaches. Using their training, sales, and management experience, our trainers add value as trainers and coaches. All of our trainers are skilled at delivering all parts of our fully integrated curriculum.

  • Interactive Learning

    Our training methodology is based on the premise that participants/adults are not blank slates, and we utilize a process of questioning and generating a dialogue before presenting concepts and models

  • Extensive Curriculum

    For 33 years, we have focused solely on improving the performance of sales organizations. As a result, we have created the broadest and deepest service, sales leadership, and extensive sales training curriculum available in the marketplace.

  • Multi-modal Training Delivery

    We are flexible in meeting your training delivery needs using multiple delivery methods to meet your objectives, audience levels & plans for rollout. Our delivery methods can be blended, standalone or may complement one another to provide an effective, seamless training solution.

  • Change Management Consulting - Richardson

    The adoption of any new training, processes, or tools requires careful and well-planned change management. Fostering a culture of change can be challenging, and it requires the transformation of many very skilled and successful people to want to change.



Richardson is Different!

"Richardson is different. It is a sophisticated, global organization with a unique, adaptable and structured approach to delivering a curriculum targeted to a company’s requirements."

- Dave Stein, CEO ES Research