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Sales training in New York. Boston. Philadelphia. The Northeast is a key economic region and the center for such industries as finance, international trade, real estate, higher education, fashion, entertainment, tourism, biotechnology, and manufacturing. Richardson’s roots in financial services and insurance, working with some of the largest global organizations, set it apart from the competition.

Richardson was a pioneer in its understanding that Consultative Selling Skills apply as much to professionals in finance, consulting, accounting, insurance, and similar industries as to traditional business-to-business sales professionals.

Working across industries and with highly sophisticated global organizations has deepened Richardson’s belief that for training to be effective, it must be highly customized and specifically relevant to participants on the job. This approach has led Richardson to become highly skilled at helping technical professionals make the transition from technical expert to business developer, where they can make significant contributions to organizational growth.


Meeting Challenges in Sales Training in NYC


More and more, clients have a concerted focus on reinforcement, both to retain knowledge and to optimize investment in training. One tool proving popular is Richardson QuickCheck™, an email-based program that delivers bite-sized learning to sales professionals while engaging their competitive drive using a game approach, with real-time tracking of results on leaderboards. These short, daily bursts of scenario-based questions appeal to multiple generations, as all learners basically want short, relevant, and easily accessible content.

Coaching has become an integral part of reinforcement plans for clients. Richardson provides personalized coaching in several ways: one-on-one meetings, by phone, or by preparing individuals at the client company to take on the role of coach. Additionally, many clients are requesting next-level training programs more quickly than in the past as a way of approaching reinforcement in a different way.

Another trend is the desire for shorter classroom training sessions, even as the overall training has to cover more ground. Sales professionals can’t afford to spend much time out of the field, yet the need for training continues to grow. In today’s competitive environment, it is becoming harder for sales professionals to get through to prospects and customers. There also is a significant amount of restructuring within companies, making it harder for sales professionals to establish and maintain relationships. Additionally, in industries such as financial services, more people are responsible for bringing in business instead of just the senior people, as in the past. The origination of business is becoming everyone’s job, with more people expected to be developing business, networking, and gaining referrals.

Richardson is helping people adapt to their new responsibilities with a business development curriculum that focuses on how to network effectively, ask for and gain referrals, build your social network, and use social media to prospect.


Sales Training Programs in New York From Richardson


Richardson offers a wide variety of customizable sales training programs in New York and Northeast Region. At the core of our approach to sales training is the  consultative sales skills program. Consultative selling focuses on teaching sellers how to add value to every moment the send with their customers by engaging them in customer centric based dialogue. More targeted or advanced program offerings like our selling with insights solution or our high performance selling & sales negotiations training solutions, take the consultative selling approach to the next level - teaching selling behaviors that will help sales professionals further advance their ability to connect with clients.

Sales coaching training programs in New York City and the Northeast Region are also available. Sales coaching training programs help sales leaders learn how to sustain and develop upon the lessons taught in our programs designed for sales representatives. Organizational leaders who complete sales coaching training learn that every interaction with their team is an opportunity to enhance their skills. Enhanced coaching skills supports an organization's overall dedication to constant and consistent improvement.

Some New York/Northeastern based companies might opt for a training solution based on a blended learning approach. The idea of flipping the classroom is gaining traction, especially in the bustling sales environment in Manhattan and other major northeast cities, because it makes the most of classroom time. Fundamental concepts are learned online before any face-to-face sessions, and then classroom time is spent on things that really drive home the learning: practice, role-plays, interactivity, redirects, and feedback.


Meet Richardson's New York Sales Training Team


Sales training in NYC - Ronnie Harris, Vice President Richardson Sales TrainingRonnie Harris, Vice President - Connect with Ronnie on LinkedIn: Ronnie is a consultant and advisor to clients, assisting in examining their sales and talent development needs. She recommends solutions that support the growth of their sales teams and take them to the next level of sales performance. She is responsible for managing existing client relationships and the development of new business.

Ronnie’s clients include BNP Paribas, Goldman Sachs, Pfizer, Credit Suisse, KKR, MetLife, Warner Bros., Fidelity Investments, Bloomberg, GE, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Avaya, and other Fortune 500 corporations and financial service organizations.

sales training in New York - Regional Vice President Beth EamesBeth Eames, Regional Vice President - Connect with Beth on LinkedIn: Beth is an advisor and consultant who helps clients assess sales organization processes and performance, sales methodology, and talent acceleration. She is responsible for both managing strategic global client relationships and developing new business.

Beth works with regional and global clients to drive the performance of desired outcomes. She develops solutions that incorporate deep customization to add relevancy to case studies, role-plays, exercises, and drills, making them feel real and driving application back on the job. Her extensive background in sales, sales management, leadership development, and executing results has enabled her to be a trusted advisor to her clients. She works with a broad base of clients in industries such as financial services, insurance, technology, pharmaceutical, and professional services.

Sales trainers in the New York City area - Dennis GreicoDennis Grieco, Master Training Consultant - Connect with Dennis on LinkedIn: As a versatile trainer, Dennis facilitates programs based on clients’ needs, delivering training strategies and developmental programs in support of corporate business goals. In the classroom, he improves the skills of individual participants by utilizing his real-life experiences to provide relevant and memorable learning points. As often cited by Richardson clients, Dennis challenges participants in the classroom to work hard and continuously raise their skill level through direct feedback and coaching. At the same time, he fosters an interactive and collaborative atmosphere where participants feel comfortable trying new strategies and skills to further elevate their own development.

Dennis’ commitment to his client’s success, has resulted in several successful engagements with Richardson. Recently, he was the lead trainer on an enterprise-wide customer service initiative for a global financial services organization. The overarching objective of this executive-sponsored initiative was to set the service standard in the industry by providing world-class client service to its customers and partners around the globe. Following the successful delivery of the initial pilot program, Dennis trained all of the organization’s 350 management employees and went on to conduct successful Train-the-Trainer certification sessions to enable the organization to continue delivering the program to its nearly 3,000 front line service employees.

NYC sales trainer Karen KleinKaren Klein, Senior Training Consultant: Karen brings her clients unique strategies for approaching sales hurdles that include effective communication techniques for identifying a company’s needs and utilizing that information in the sales process.Working directly with one sales manager, Karen was able to help a client work through a sales performance issue. By brainstorming with the client, she learned that there was a need to bolster the sales representative’s confidence and determined the tactics that would work best to address that situation. In the end, she was able to identify issues and address them using Richardson’s Developmental Sales Coaching methodology and role plays. In this case, she stood in the client’s shoes, saw needs from their perspective, and took action to address them in a way that worked for them.

Sales Trainers in New York City - Bill LahrBill Lahr, Senior Training Consultant - Connect with Bill on LinkedIn: Bill's relationship with Richardson began in 2005 when he transitioned from the role of participant to that of trainer, marrying the proven Richardson techniques and methodology with his experiences as a sales leader. As a senior training consultant, Bill develops and implements programs in sales, leadership, and management skills, coaching, service, presentations, negotiations, and communications. In that capacity, he regularly consults with senior management to identify, assess, and implement training to support shifts in strategy, address critical business needs, and increase managerial effectiveness. He has worked with clients in industries including; financial services, professional services, telecommunications, and manufacturing. Bill compares his role as a Richardson Senior Training Consultant to that of a coach on the sidelines, helping both sales and engagement teams build relationships, grow their pipeline, and accelerate their revenue.

New York Sales Trainers - Kimberly DeanKimberly Dean, Senior Training Consultant - Connect with Kim on LinkedIn: Kim utilizes the insights and strategies she gained from her career in sales and sales management to establish credibility and help sales teams address the relevant business issues their customers are facing. As a Senior Training Consultant with Richardson, Kim integrates her real-life experiences into the facilitation of her interactive workshops to validate the learning and challenge participants to improve their skills so they can strengthen customer relationships and grow revenue.

Kim has led several successful engagements with Richardson. She was the Lead Trainer on a large, enterprise-wide sales program for a large manufacturing company. The program was designed to institutionalize a more customer-centric- selling approach. Kim was viewed by the client as a trusted advisor who was called upon to not only deliver the majority of the workshops for sales employees, but also for employees from various audiences throughout the organization including management and marketing and channel partners. Kim has also worked with several businesses in the financial services sector in their effort to change their paradigm, shifting from an internal focus to looking outwardly. To achieve this, Kim trained sales professionals to use value-added dialogue skills to discover their clients’ business issues. She then consulted with sales professionals to align their capabilities and strategize the best course of action.

Sales trainer in New York - Fred Bass

Fred Bass, Senior Training Consultant - Connect with Fred on LinkedIn: Fred's foundation is teaching, first in the education arena and then to business audiences in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. His approach is to apply key principles of adult learning to maximize what trainees took away from their training sessions. When it comes to teaching adults, Fred believes they want to know how the information being discussed applies to them, and how they can apply it in their day-to-day job

Throughout Fred’s training experiences, he has learned the benefits of engaging participants with real-world experiences to which they can relate. Role modeling allows him to “practice what you preach” and demonstrate how sales best practices can bring success to a client’s strategy for growth.


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