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Chicagoans are passionate about their city, which is the third-largest in the nation, behind only Los Angeles and New York. The Chicago metropolitan area is home to more than two dozen Fortune 500 companies. Chicago is a transportation and distribution center, and the financial services, insurance, and manufacturing industries have a major presence in and around the city.


Sales Training in Chicago


Differentiation is a common challenge for financial services, insurance, and manufacturers of basic goods. If little is inherently better or different about their offerings, and especially if the market is highly competitive, there is the risk of commoditization and it gets harder to make sales at the desired price point. This means the Chicago-based sales professional has to become a differentiating factor through the value they provide and the relationships they build with prospects. Otherwise, the business is left to compete on rates, features, and benefits, which basically is the old-world way of selling and less relevant in today’s selling environment.

The following Richardson sales team and sales management training programs address challenges specific to businesses in the Chicago area. The consultative sales skills training program is the foundation of our approach to selling. Consultative selling is all about adding value to the moments spent with customers by engaging them in a genuine needs based dialogue rather than a product focused sales pitch. Our more targeted programs like selling with insights, high performance selling, and sales negotiations training, take the consultative selling approach a step further by ingraining selling behaviors in sales professionals that will help them achieve win-win outcomes in negotiations that result in reduced discounting, and help sellers step into the role of trusted advisor to the companies they serve.

Sales coaching training programs in the Chicago area are also available. Sales coaching training helps sustain behavior change within organizations by turning sales leaders into sales coaches. Individuals who complete sales coaching training learn how to provide constant and actionable feedback to their selling teams. Enhanced coaching skills enable leaders to continue to improve the performance of their teams and fine tune their sellers ability to engage their customers in a genuine and effective needs based sales dialogue. 

In Chicago and elsewhere, Richardson is seeing an increased desire for training based on a blended learning approach. The idea of flipping the classroom is gaining traction because it makes the most of classroom time. Fundamental concepts are learned online before any face-to-face sessions, and then classroom time is spent on things that really drive home the learning: practice, role-plays, interactivity, redirects, and feedback.


A Chicago Sales Training Success Story


A Richardson client that sells service agreements as part of its portfolio experienced a similar situation. The company was being undercut by the lowest-price provider in the region. Richardson’s response was to develop an insight-led selling program that was customized to its specific situation and client dialogues. This approach gave sales professionals the skills to create and shape opportunities rather than to simply respond. They also learned to engage informed buyers differently, using insights to change the way customers think about needs or solutions. They began shifting the conversation away from features and benefits and toward disrupting the customer’s thinking through insights that added value.


Meet the Richardson Chicago Sales Training Team


Sales Training ChicagoAnne Grason, Regional Vice President - Connect with Anne on LinkedIn: Anne has been in the field of learning and development for nearly 20 years, with a strong focus on leadership development, sales, and communication skills. She has been a consultant, coach, facilitator, and business development executive.

Anne’s approach to working with clients is to begin with a strategy and needs analysis, partnering with an account team to identify and implement solutions to achieve desired results.Anne has worked closely with clients to align learning solutions to address business challenges within a variety of industries, including financial services, professional services, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, high tech, and manufacturing.

Chicago Sales Trainer Lynn Lillibridge

Lynn Lillibridge, Senior Training Consultant - Connect with Lynn on LinkedIn: Lynn provides client-focused consultation and training to multinational corporations and financial institutions. In addition to training classes in consultative selling, negotiations, coaching, and strategy, she also trains and coaches senior leaders. Lynn’s one-on-one, client-focused approach engages leaders in genuine dialogue that enables her to truly understand her client’s needs.

Lynn’s exceptional coaching skills for a large financial services company led to a long-term relationship in which Lynn became Lead Trainer and Coach on an enterprise-wide initiative to improve the effectiveness of finals presentations. The client found Lynn’s insight, advice, and expertise so valuable that she was engaged to help recreate the firm’s Finals Presentation Template and conduct workshops to support delivery by Relationship Managers and Consultants.


Chicago Sales Trainer Rob Sullivan

Rob Sullivan, Senior Training Consultant - Connect with Rob on LinkedIn: Rob works with a variety of clients in a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, biotech companies, financial services, packaged goods, manufacturers, and entertainment.

Based on his experience in financial services, Rob was selected as one of three lead trainers for a high-profile pilot program designed to help middle-market financial services professionals deepen their relationships with customers. One of Rob’s key strengths is his ability to quickly build rapport and credibility even with demanding, skeptical audiences.




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