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“One trend we’re seeing in terms of sales training and sales coaching in Chicago is in the manufacturing arena – there is more selling through distributors and indirect sales through channels. This changes the conversation sales professionals need to have with customers; there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Every sales conversation has to be customized to the specific selling environment, and sales professionals need to know how to change their approaches to suit the circumstances.”

– Anne Grason, Regional Vice President, Richardson


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Chicagoans are passionate about their city, which is the third-largest in the nation, behind only Los Angeles and New York. The Chicago metropolitan area is home to more than two dozen Fortune 500 companies. Chicago is a transportation and distribution center, and the financial services, insurance, and manufacturing industries have a major presence in and around the city.


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Differentiation is a common challenge for financial services, insurance, and manufacturers of basic goods. If little is inherently better or different about their offerings, and especially if the market is highly competitive, there is the risk of commoditization. It gets harder to make sales at the desired price point. This means the Chicago-based sales professional has to become a differentiating factor through the value they provide and the relationships they build with prospects. Otherwise, the business is left to compete on rates, features, and benefits, which basically is the old-world way of selling and less relevant in today’s selling environment.


A Richardson client that sells service agreements as part of its portfolio experienced a similar situation. The company was being undercut by the lowest-price provider in the region. Richardson’s response was to develop an insight-led selling program that was customized to its specific situation and client dialogues. This approach gave sales professionals the skills to create and shape opportunities rather than to simply respond. They also learned to engage informed buyers differently, using insights to change the way customers think about needs or solutions. They began shifting the conversation away from features and benefits and toward disrupting the customer’s thinking through insights that added value.


In Chicago and elsewhere, Richardson is seeing an increased desire for training based on a blended learning approach. The idea of flipping the classroom is gaining traction because it makes the most of classroom time. Fundamental concepts are learned online before any face-to-face sessions, and then classroom time is spent on things that really drive home the learning: practice, role-plays, interactivity, redirects, and feedback.


Meet the Richardson Chicago Sales Training Team

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Anne Grason has been in the field of learning and development for nearly 20 years, with a strong focus on leadership development, sales, and communication skills. She has been a consultant, coach, facilitator, and business development executive.

Anne’s approach to working with clients is to begin with a strategy and needs analysis, partnering with an account team to identify and implement solutions to achieve desired results.

Anne has worked closely with clients to align learning solutions to address business challenges within a variety of industries, including financial services, professional services, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, high tech, and manufacturing. She is a certified communication skills coach and facilitator and is certified in Facilitative Leadership®. She has a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology from Loyola University Chicago.


Anne’s favorite thing about helping clients solve sales training challenges:


“My favorite thing about working at Richardson is seeing somebody who has been in sales for two years and another for 30 years in the same classroom and both coming out of the training feeling like it was time well spent.”


Anne’s favorite thing about providing Richardson sales training and coaching services:


“My favorite thing about working in this market for Richardson is that the clients are Midwesterners, just like me. Although I travel quite a bit, Chicago is my home, and there always seems to be a special bond between people from Chicago – even if they move away.”


What you may not know about Anne:


“I live two blocks from Wrigley Field, so when I’m not selling sales training and sales enablement consulting, I am enjoying Chicago to its fullest. I enjoy a lot of the arts and culture that Chicago has to offer, from a spectator perspective only, and I get involved in causes concerning animal welfare, health, and the environment.”


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