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sales training in Austin Texas


Austin is the capital city of Texas and has topped the Forbes list of America’s Fastest-Growing Cities for several years. The Austin Chamber describes the city this way: “It’s progressive and fiercely entrepreneurial, pro-business and pro-environment. It’s easy going and hardworking.” The greater Austin area has become a select location for corporate headquarters and regional offices. Austin’s business base includes advanced manufacturing, creative and digital media technology, clean energy and power technology, life sciences, space technology, and data centers. So many technology companies are located in Austin that the city gained the nickname Silicon Hills.


Sales Training Success in Austin


Richardson was selected by an Austin-based global sales organization to develop, design, and implement a performance improvement and account management program, with training solutions for the different roles and responsibilities of the sales staff. The client also sought assistance in training internal trainers around the world to sustain the program on their own. The performance-based learning solutions supported the client’s competency development strategy in Strategic Account Management.


Sales Training Programs in Austin


Austin hosts a strong regional infrastructure supported by a multi-tiered workforce. Within the city is a high concentration of highly educated millennials. In this progressive business climate, with a large talent base, clients look to Richardson for sales training and sales coaching that improves performance and results. This is something Richardson has been doing for nearly four decades, with continual improvements and innovations in delivering content to multigenerational learners and measuring progress in real time, in a vigorous way, and at scale.

The following Richardson sales performance improvement programs address specific challenges specific to business in the Austin area:


Consultative Selling


Building the foundational skills needed to effectively engage clients in needs based sales dialogues.

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Sales Negotiations


Applying the principles of approaching sales situations with a customer centric mindset to advanced negotiations techniques.

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Selling with Insights


Developing advanced level skills helping sellers understand when to leverage insights in strategic dialogues with customers.

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High Performance Selling


Developing advanced selling skills to meet the needs of clients demanding more value and heavy control over the pace and direction of the sales process.

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Sales Coaching Training


Teaching sales leaders to become sales coaches by helping them learn how to provide more than a typical evaluative performance review, and instead offer daily developmental feedback that is directly linked to achieving business objectives.

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Trusted Advisor Training


Helping sales professionals learn to develop on-going, mutually beneficial parnterships with clients through deep strategic dialogues.

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Strategic Account Management and Development Training


Collaborating to create a customized strategy to help you build and maintain strategic partnerships with key customers.

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online sales training programs in Austin

Richardson’s flipped-classroom training, an online or blended learning platform, Accelerate, allows learners to explore fundamental concepts online before spending time practicing in class, is ideal for Austin’s tech-savvy millennials and other multigenerational learners. The flipped approach allows learners to ramp up quickly and more confidently, supported by online assets that reinforce and sustain training.


Get to Know Richardson's Austin Area Sales Training Team


sales trainer Houston - Lynn Neillie

Lynn Neillie, Senior Training Consultant - Connect with Lynn on LinkedIn: Lynn is an expert sales trainer who creates high energy and engagement within every workshop of new and experienced sales leaders.

Her expertise is based on her own professional services sales experience and operating her own business.

Lynn facilitates negotiations, sales coaching, consultative and insight selling, sales presentations, and real-deal coaching with excellent results for clients in industries including; technology, financial services, transportation, logistics, health care, retail, and professional services.

Among the highlights of Lynn's long tenure with Richardson is an engagement when she established a virtual sales coaching program for global sales leaders in an organization selling network equipment to help their teams deliver higher quarterly and annual results.


Sales Trainers in the Houston Area

Dr. Andy Neillie, Senior Training Consultant - Connect with Andy on LinkedIn: Andy has extensive training expertise in leadership development and developmental sales coaching, face-to-face and telesales training, strategic relationship management, and sales negotiations.

Andy has led multiple successful engagements with Richardson. For instance, he was the Lead Trainer on a two-year, enterprise-wide Sales Masters program for a large, multinational technology company. The program was designed to transform the sales and sales management culture from a “hard sale” approach into a customer-centered, solution-focused approach. Andy delivered a keynote speech at a global sales meeting to kick off the initiative; he was the pilot trainer for the program, and he was called upon by the client to deliver variations of the workshop around the globe. In addition, Andy recently applied his coaching expertise to assist an engagement team for an international professional services firm, preparing them to effectively demonstrate their value to a prospective client in a competitive presentation. As a result of his coaching, the organization won this opportunity, which translated into a multi-year client engagement and a significant increase in revenue.

Sales training in Houston - Nancy CorcoranNancy Corcoran, Senior Training Consultant - Connect with Nancy on LinkedIn: Nancy works with multinational clients across a variety of industries to deliver training programs in consultative selling, telesales, sales coaching, negotiations, and presentations. In her training, Nancy helps her clients learn to communicate more effectively with their customers and prospects. She believes that with client-focused dialog, a company can offer its clients better solutions.

Since joining Richardson, Nancy has worked with sales divisions from a variety of companies, as well as across departments within organizations. For a large defense contractor, she developed a program in which everyone involved in the sales process — from sales executives to technology experts — were trained in how to work as one sales team.


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