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Richardson Understands Sales Training Needs in Houston


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In Houston, as in Texas overall, everything just seems bigger: Texas-sized. There are more Fortune 500 company headquarters in Houston than anywhere else in the nation, save New York. Houston is a leading port city, attracting significant international business and trade. It is an exceptionally business-friendly city, with a favorable tax base, no personal income tax, and an enduring entrepreneurial spirit. The needs of sales organizations in the Houston area are often complex. Large companies commonly found in Houston are in need of sales training soultions that address the needs of geographicaly dispersed teams selling sophisticated products to diverse clients in highly competieive verticals.

Houston Sales Training Programs


Multinational companies appreciate the ability to leverage Richardson’s global footprint. They tap Richardson’s breadth and scope to provide sales training for geographically dispersed sales teams and create a unified way of doing business that enhances the customer experience.

Richardson helps sellers improve their skills by changing their behaviors to have them focus on a needs-based sales dialogue. This needs-based sales dialouge approach is the foundation of all of the sales training programs offered by Richardson in the Houston area. Sellers learn to identify customer needs by connecting with their customers during meaningful enagements that help them identify their customer's needs, needs that are directly stated by the customer, and needs that might be hidden below the surface. This belief in the power of creating moments of genuine connections with customers is a pervasive theme through out every training program offered by Richardson.

The following Richardson sales performance inprovement programs address challenges specific to business in the Houston area:

Consultative Selling


Building the foundational skills needed to effectively engage clients in needs based sales dialogues.

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Sales Negotiations


Applying the principles of approaching sales situations with a customer centric mindset to advanced negotiations techniques.

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Selling with Insights


Developing advanced level skills helping sellers understand when to leverage insights in strategic dialogues with customers.

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High Performance Selling


Developing advanced selling skills to meet the needs of clients demanding more value and heavy control over the pace and direction of the sales process.

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Sales Coaching Training


Teaching sales leaders to become sales coaches by helping them learn how to provide more than a typical evaluative performance review, and instead offer daily developmental feedback that is directly linked to achieving business objectives.

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Trusted Advisor Training


Helping sales professionals learn to develop on-going, mutually beneficial parnterships with clients through deep strategic dialogues.

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Strategic Account Management and Development Training


Collaborating to create a customized strategy to help you build and maintain strategic partnerships with key customers.

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online sales training programs in houston

Houston based corporations might also be interested in our newest innovation, an online sales training program called Richardson AccelerateTM, a cutting edge training program that can be used as a stand alone solution or in a blended learning scenario. Richardson AccelerateTM uses mobile first technology to address the needs of geographically dispersed teams and the emerging multigenerational workforce.


Sales Training Success in Houston


One client, a Fortune 500 company in Houston, came to Richardson because it required a large amount of specially customized training within a short time period. There were several business units, all with different go-to-market strategies, so the client needed a partner who understood the nuances and subtleties of each business approach. This is where Richardson excels, with core competencies in deep customization. Richardson also had the bench strength to mobilize a team of experienced trainers where and when they were needed.As Henri Barber relates, he has heard the following compliment from the client:


"Richardson understands our lines of business and holistic organizational structure better than we do internally, and they’ve helped us knock down silos to work more synergistically together."


Meet our Houston Sales Training Team

Sales Training Houston Henri Barber

Henri Barber, Regional Vice President - Connect with Henri on LinkedIn: Henri Barber collaborates with clients to develop customized sales training and sales coaching programs, working in and beyond the Houston area. He has several decades’ experience in sales, sales management, and global account leadership. Clients rely on Henri’s deep industry knowledge to drive sales success through best-in-class sales talent, development, and sustainment practices.

Henri’s emphasis with clients is in-depth customization of content and blended learning to make sales training “real” to sales professionals and their managers. From sales process consulting and content development to coaching and learning reinforcement, Henri works closely with Richardson’s global learning team for seamless implementation of development initiatives. Over the years, he has facilitated scores of C-level planning workshops and has led more than 100 successful solution implementations for oil and gas, transportation and logistics, high-tech, financial, industrial, utility, and publishing clients.

sales trainers in Houston - Patty WebbPatty Webb, Senior Training Consultant - Connect with Patty on LinkedIn: Patty calls on her more than 20 years of high-level experience in sales, training, management, and coaching when working one-on-one with companies to improve sales and reach business development goals while changing behaviors to yield higher results. She has extensive experience in designing and implementing sales and service programs. Her training programs focus on face-to-face sales and coaching skills for managers, negotiation skills, presentations, quality service/customer care, management/coaching, and selling skills for non-sales professionals.

In a real-deal coaching engagement for Richardson, Patty consulted with a leading company in the production mail equipment and software technology industry to help its sales team be more strategic in their approach. She instructed the team to consider their potential clients’ needs and how the company’s products provided the solutions to those needs. Patty teaches clients to uncover the driving mechanisms behind a customer’s decision-making process — things like business challenges, market share, and the cost of inertia — as part of the sales process. Strategically using that information as leverage in the sales process can help salespeople cultivate more viable leads and focus on real deals rather than a hypothetical pipeline.

sales trainers in Houston - Nancy SellsNancy Sells, Senior Training Consultant - Connect with Nancy on LinkedIn: Nancy helps take Richardson’s global clients in new directions, not only strategically but geographically, calling on her experiences working with Fortune 1000 companies around the globe while representing the world’s largest commercial news distribution service. In addition to her sales expertise, Nancy is able to provide facilitation in English and French.

In an engagement with a firm in the electronic distribution channel industry, Nancy had to help the client incorporate technical staff members into the fold. She worked with the CIO to create a platform on which the products worked together, as well as developed weekly training for software developers whose expertise was vital to selling this product line.

sales trainer Houston - Lynn NeillieLynn Neillie, Senior Training Consultant - Connect with Lynn on LinkedIn: Lynn is an expert sales trainer who creates high energy and engagement within every workshop of new and experienced sales leaders.

Her expertise is based on her own professional services sales experience and operating her own business.

Lynn facilitates negotiations, sales coaching, consultative and insight selling, sales presentations, and real-deal coaching with excellent results for clients in industries including; technology, financial services, transportation, logistics, health care, retail, and professional services.

Among the highlights of Lynn's long tenure with Richardson is an engagement when she established a virtual sales coaching program for global sales leaders in an organization selling network equipment to help their teams deliver higher quarterly and annual results.

Sales Trainers in the Houston AreaDr. Andy Neillie, Senior Training Consultant - Connect with Andy on LinkedIn: Andy has extensive training expertise in leadership development and developmental sales coaching, face-to-face and telesales training, strategic relationship management, and sales negotiations.

Andy has led multiple successful engagements with Richardson. For instance, he was the Lead Trainer on a two-year, enterprise-wide Sales Masters program for a large, multinational technology company. The program was designed to transform the sales and sales management culture from a “hard sale” approach into a customer-centered, solution-focused approach. Andy delivered a keynote speech at a global sales meeting to kick off the initiative; he was the pilot trainer for the program, and he was called upon by the client to deliver variations of the workshop around the globe. In addition, Andy recently applied his coaching expertise to assist an engagement team for an international professional services firm, preparing them to effectively demonstrate their value to a prospective client in a competitive presentation. As a result of his coaching, the organization won this opportunity, which translated into a multi-year client engagement and a significant increase in revenue.

Sales training in Houston - Nancy CorcoranNancy Corcoran, Senior Training Consultant - Connect with Nancy on LinkedIn: Nancy works with multinational clients across a variety of industries to deliver training programs in consultative selling, telesales, sales coaching, negotiations, and presentations. In her training, Nancy helps her clients learn to communicate more effectively with their customers and prospects. She believes that with client-focused dialog, a company can offer its clients better solutions.

Since joining Richardson, Nancy has worked with sales divisions from a variety of companies, as well as across departments within organizations. For a large defense contractor, she developed a program in which everyone involved in the sales process — from sales executives to technology experts — were trained in how to work as one sales team.


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