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“We live in an accelerated world, where the ways in which we work, learn, and even socialize are constantly in flux; where consistent growth is difficult — and consistent performance is rare. While selling organizations have adapted by becoming nimbler, they’ve experienced a gap between their developmental needs and the learning solutions available to them in the market. Richardson Accelerate is here to close that gap.”


Blended Learning that Adapts and Delivers


We get it — time spent in the classroom is time not spent in front of clients. That’s what drives our belief that effective learning is practical learning, and it’s why we tailored Richardson Accelerate™ to fit your selling teams, regardless of where they are.

Students become better learners when they’re engaged and inspired by the experiences they have in and out of the classroom. With Accelerate, the experience starts before sales teams set foot in the classroom, reaching them in the field — where and when it matters. By giving them the flexibility and improved performance support they need to drive growth from the start, Accelerate keeps students coming back, challenging them to set and reach new goals along the way.

Defining critical activities in sales effectiveness

Accelerate has the flexibility to deploy online learning for distributed organizations and in-class learning when a centralized approach makes more sense. So, whether sellers prefer to receive on-the-go microbursts of learning or respond better to direct feedback in a classroom environment, Accelerate is able to deliver engaging learning experiences that strengthen skillsets, change behaviors, and impact KPIs.


Overcoming Modern Sales Training Challenges with Accelerate


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When it comes to developing effective sales training programs, today’s sales organizations face three trends that create unique challenges:



  1. A growing digital native millennial workforce that likes to multi-task and brings with it a unique learning style

  2. A decentralized sales force requiring flexible sales training solutions that cut across geographical limitations

  3. A more complex sales environment that calls for extended selling teams

Accelerate is designed to help organizations address these challenges by offering a flexible platform that’s built to fit your selling team’s needs, no matter who they are, where they are, or what they need to know. Millennial sellers get video-based, microbursts of learning sent to their smart device of choice, while traditional learners get directed feedback from facilitators in traditional classroom experiences. Core selling teams go through an extensive development program, with hours of practice and feedback, while extended teams learn the same important concepts online in a more economically efficient way.


Accelerate Behavior Change


Accelerate: Online Sales Training Advantages

Accelerate: Instructor-Led Sales Training Advantages

  • Video-based scenarios bring sales skills to life. Learners see effective and ineffective dialogues and are challenged to identify the differences.

  • A microlearning content structure delivers self-contained lessons through bite-sized chunks of content, rich with videos, learning exercises, and game mechanics that encourage self-learning

  • Leaderboards, badges, and flashcards gamify the learning experience to tap into students’ desire for competition, achievement, status, and recognition—making learning fun and constant

  • The adaptive platform monitors the pace of learners and progressively adapts their daily assignments to keep them on pace with their learning goals

  • Role playing, problem solving activities, and group brainstorming actively engage sellers in the learning process

  • Immediate feedback from facilitators and peers combined with self-assessments create a-ha moments that stick

  • A Socratic approach to in-class instruction generates dialogue and encourages sellers to use their own logic and “natural models” to connect the dots and expand their understanding.

  • Redirects used by facilitators stop the action during role plays and give real-time feedback to participants, so they quickly see the differences between effective and ineffective selling behaviors and adopt change faster

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Accelerate to Win


Learner Wins


  • Time: Online videos, games, and interactive activities teach sellers essential models and concepts when and where it works for them

  • Focus: Class time is spent on highly personalized instruction and higher-order activities, such as collaboration, problem solving, and role playing

  • Flexible: Sellers learn at their own pace, on their own time, and on their own devices

  • Visual: Video-based scenarios show skills in action, teaching sellers the difference between good and great

  • Bite-Sized: Microbursts of self-contained learning are only as big as they need to be to teach a new skill or concept

  • Fun: Game mechanics motivate learners and show them how they are doing compared to their benchmarks and to others on their teams or across the organization

Business Wins


  • Speed: Maximize time-to-proficiency by onboarding new sellers quickly

  • Efficient: Improve selling skills while minimizing time-out-of-market

  • Reach: Strengthen the selling skills of extended sales teams – SMEs, channel partners, and customer support

  • Insight: Provide sales managers with visibility into the skill development of their teams, enabling them to direct coaching to the point of need.



One great advantage of technology is the ability to capture data and transform it into actionable insight. Learner-level analytics tell an objective story and promote learning interventions when and where they are needed. Accelerate delivers the following data points:

  • Baseline assessments to benchmark starting points and prepare sellers for classroom training

  • End-of-course assessments to capture acquired knowledge and identify areas in need of additional focus

  • Formative quizzes during the program to check progress and redirect learning in real-time

  • Confidence scoring to help students self-identify topics that make sense to them, as well as those that feel a bit shaky, so that later they can sort topics based on score and revisit concepts that need more attention

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