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Read.I.ness [re-dé-nis] — preparation, aptitude, and willingness

In the Readiness phase, Richardson focuses on three vital areas essential to enabling your sales team performance. First, we leverage robust predictive testing and diagnostic technologies to help you select, assess, and develop your sales talent. Second, we enable your talent to perform by recommending best-of-breed and leading-edge practices to enhance the sales process and improve pipeline accuracy. Finally, we layer in measurement to provide ongoing visibility into sales effectiveness and the financial impact of your training investment. Click here to download a copy of Richardson's Sales Performance System Map.

In Readiness, Richardson provides:


Every sales organization is comprised of professionals with a wide variety of sales and management experiences.  Add to the wide mix of people a multitude of different processes and technologies and it becomes difficult to create one common language for selling.  Without the alignment of people, process, and technology, it becomes extremely challenging to achieve efficiencies and meet sales objectives. Richardson provides highly specialized Sales Process Consulting services to help organizations assess, document, and reengineer specific activities that take place throughout the sales cycle to ensure efficiencies, CRM integration, a consistent language and Framework, and coaching reinforcement. Click one of the following to learn more about Richardson's Sales Process services and consulting.

Richardson offers a variety of award winning tools to help diagnose the current skills of sales professionals and sales leaders. The results can be used for developmental coaching, individual training, and to provide leadership with insights into the capabilities of their sales organization. To learn more about Richardson's award winning diagnostics, please click the following:

Richardson’s Talent Management solutions help clients understand the abilities and weaknesses within their sales organizations so they can deliver results aligned with their business strategy and market promise. With the Richardson Talent Management solutions, you can assess, manage, and build your sales talent to set the stage for being better able to meet near- and long-term business objectives.Click on a link below to learn more about Richardson's Talent Management services and solutions.

The best way to gauge return on investment in training and developing sales professionals is to first establish the right metrics for measuring improvement in the quality and performance of the sales pipeline. We do this through verifiable outcomes -- those few tangible things sales leaders can manage in order to gain insight into the accuracy and quality of their teams’ forecasts. And we make sure these outcomes are leading indicators of future achievement rather than lagging indicators of past performance. To learn more about Richardson's measurement tools, please click on one of the following: