Sales Force Transformation Solutions

More than 80% of sales organizations are undergoing radical shifts in their markets and their sales strategies.  To successfully navigate in the new business environment, industry-leading sales organizations are engaged in transformational initiatives that focus on complete enterprise-wide performance improvement solutions that encompass:

  • Proactively managing their sales talent
  • Creating customer-centric sales processes
  • Building sales professionals' abilities to effectively achieve goals
  • Enhancing sales managers' coaching skills to drive results
  • Implementing technology that enables best practices and sustains behavior change
  • Coaching sales professionals to drive measurable results
  • Supporting change efforts with change leadership and management initiatives
  • While the responses to change may be unique to each organization, a common need exists for the tools and skills to get the job done right. To achieve results through transformation, everyone involved – those who make the sale, build the relationship, manage the team, connect with decision makers, handle the account – must be aligned with the right process and be speaking the same language.

At Richardson, we address the vital elements of the sales function, including structure, processes, talent development, and training to help better equip sales organizations with the capabilities needed to optimize revenue impact and operating effectiveness.

Richardson is an experienced partner in helping our clients through their transformations with training and development solutions that drive the desired changes in behavior to achieve results.

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