Online Sales Training Program

Six Critical Skills – The Six Critical Skills QuickSkills program represents the foundation of a client-focused sales process.  These six skills are the essential skills salespeople need to effectively understand client needs, position winning solutions, build long-term relationships, and close.  This critical skill set brings the sales dialogue to life, whether in a telephone or face-to-face meeting, a negotiation, sales presentation, or coaching session. Each of the six skills is equally important in the selling process, and a weakness in one will negatively impact the other skills.  The Six Critical Skills are Questioning, Listening, Positioning, Checking, Presence, and Relating.

Six Critical Skills Courses

  • Questioning 1 - Structuring
  • Questioning 2 - Prefacing
  • Questioning 3 - Drilling Down
  • Effective Listening
  • Persuasive Positioning
  • Checking - The Power Skill
  • High Impact Presence
  • High Mileage Relating

Consultative Selling – The Consultative Selling QuickSkills program takes an in-depth look at sales as an interactive process and includes six courses that make up the framework of a sales call:  Opening, Need Dialogue, Resolving Objections, Solution Dialogue, Closing, and Preparation.  The framework comes to life when combined with the Six Critical Skills (Questioning, Listening, Positioning, Checking, Presence, and Relating) which enable the dialogue selling process so that a salesperson is able to fully uncover client needs to more effectively position his or her product.

QuickSkills Course Listing for Consultative selling

  • Leveraging the Opening
  • Leading an Effective Need Dialogue
  • Resolving Challenging Objections
  • Positioning an Effective Solution Dialogue
  • Closing to Win / Maintain Momentum
  • Maximizing Sales Call Preparation
  • Prospecting - Getting the Appointment

Advanced Consultative Selling - The Advanced Consultative Selling QuickSkills program represents a variety of courses that enrich the core Consultative Selling curriculum with strategic skills that help salespeople overcome key challenges to closing business, especially in complex sales environments.  This advanced curriculum encompasses skills at resolving price objections, navigating the decision-making process, uptiering, cross-selling, selling against the competition, and asking a complete range of questions such as decision-making questions, competitive questions, and relationship questions.

QuickSkills Course Listing for Advance Consultative Selling

  • Asking a Complete Range of Questions
  • Resolving Price Objections
  • Cross-Selling
  • Selling Against the Competition
  • Navigating the Decision-Making
  • Process by Understanding Key Drivers
  • Navigating the Decision-Making
  • Process by Uptiering

Consultative Negotiations – The Consultative Negotiations QuickSkills program will provide the skills salespeople need to have win-win negotiations and avoid leaving money on the table.  The program includes six courses which cover every facet of a negotiation, from preparation, to controlling the opening and counter-opening, converting demands to needs, leveraging value justification and concessions, and effectively closing.

QuickSkills Course Listing for Consultative Negotiations

  • Preparing for the Negotiation
  • Controlling the Opening of the Negotiation
  • Controlling the Counter- Opening
  • Converting Demands to Needs
  • Leveraging Value Justification and Concessions
  • Closing a Win-Win Negotiation

Sales Presentations - For a salesperson, the sales presentation is often the culmination of weeks or even months of hard work necessary to make the client’s short list.  For even the most experienced salesperson the most critical challenge is creating a powerful level of interaction with the client audience that is credible, compelling, and client focused.  Salespeople often have difficulty creating this level of interaction and persuasion, and they deliver presentations that have little client involvement.  This Sales Presentations QuickSkills program will help you transform a traditional one-way sales presentation into an interactive two-way dialogue that wins business.

QuickSkills Course Listing for Sales Presentations

  • Preparation
  • Opening
  • Agenda, Agenda Check, Need Check
  • Positioning Your Story
  • Leveraging Questions and Answers
  • Summary, Final Check, Close
  • Enrichment Course: Creating a Synergistic Team Presentation

Sales Management: Developmental Coaching – One of the biggest challenges sales managers face is making the time to develop and coach their salespeople as a strategy to improve sales results.  This course will quickly deliver the process and skills sales managers can immediately implement to coach their salespeople to their next level of sales excellence.  This Developmental Sales Coaching program includes four courses that will help sales managers develop skills and strategies for providing specific and valuable feedback, removing obstacles, and creating action steps to achieve sales success.

QuickSkills Course Listing for Developmental Sales coaching

  • Effective Preparation and Opening
  • Perceptions and Needs Dialogue
  • Obstacle and Solution Dialogue
  • Closing the Coaching Session
  • Enrichment Course: In-the-Action Coaching

Consultative Telephone Selling – This Consultative Telephone Selling program will help telephone Sales Representatives to maximize telephone sales opportunities by strengthening the skills needed to engage customers, build relationships, and close sales.  The program is tailored for both inbound and outbound reps and includes six courses which comprise the framework for a consultative telephone sale, from opening through the close.

QuickSkills Course Listings for Consultative Telephone Selling

  • Leveraging an Effective Outbound Opening
  • Leveraging an Effective Inbound Opening
  • Leading an Effective Need Dialogue
  • Resolving Challenging Objections
  • Positioning the Solution Dialogue
  • Closing to Win

Exceptional Customer Care – Customers place calls to Customer Care Departments because they need help.  Often, something has gone wrong and customers are frustrated before they even connect with a customer care representative.  Calls can be emotionally charged and poised for conflict.  This Exceptional Customer Care program includes five courses and will provide customer care representatives with the discipline, process, skill, and attitude to effectively and efficiently take control of every facet of a call, from the opening through objections through the action step, so you can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

QuickSkills Course Listing for Exceptional Customer Care

  • Leveraging the Opening
  • Leading an Effective Need Dialogue
  • Resolving Challenging Objections and
  • Complaints
  • Positioning the Solutions/Options Dialogue
  • Closing Professionally
  • Managing Irate Customers
  • Telephone Effectiveness

Pharmaceutical Sales: The Five-Minute Dialogue — The “Pharmaceutical Sales: The Five-Minute Dialogue” QuickSkills program will help Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives prepare for and execute sales calls with physicians.  In the challenging field of Pharmaceutical Sales, this program will help even the best performers reach a new level of excellence.  The program is made up of six courses (Opening, Need Dialogue, Positioning Value Dialogue, Resolving Objections, Closing, and Pre-Call Planning) and provides a skill-based framework to more effectively identify physician needs and gain commitment to prescribe your products.

QuickSkills Course Listing for Five-Minute Dialogue

  • Effectively Opening
  • Identifying PhysicianNeeds
  • Positioning Value Dialogue
  • Resolving Challenging Objections
  • Closing/Maintaining Momentum
  • Pre-Call Planning

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