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Richardson’s award-winning online sales training courses are the most in-depth and proven web-based curriculum in the industry!


Richardson QuickSkills™ economize time and maximize value. These online sales training courses are AICC and SCORM-compliant library consists of over 60 core courses and all can be fully customized and delivered on all leading learning management systems.


We offer you the greatest depth and breadth available in an eLearning sales curriculum. Richardson QuickSkills™ consist of 58 integrated courses in 9 programs for all phases and roles in the sales and sales management process including:


Six Critical Skills

This QuickSkills online sales training program helps sales professionals build the foundation of a client-focused sales process. The skills reviewed in this course are Questioning, Listening, Positioning, Checking, Presence, and Relating. The mastery of these skills help sales professionals better understand client needs, position winning solutions, build relationships, and close more business. This online sales training course covers the six critical skills training provided in our on-site training programs.


Consultative Selling Online Sales Training

This online sales training program is comprised of six modules designed to help sales professionals learn to regard sales as an interactive process. The consultative selling online course guides participants through in-depth exploration of the framework of a sales call which will help them develop the skills to engage in a sales dialogue where the professional is able to fully uncover client needs and effectively position their product.


Advanced Consultative Selling Online Sales Training

The advanced consultative selling online training program dives deeper into mastering the sales dialogue. The advanced curriculum includes training on topics including; resolving price objections, cross-selling, competitive questions, and more!


Consultative Telephone Selling Online Sales Training

This online sales training course is specifically designed to address the training needs of telephone sales representatives. It includes direction for both inbound and outbound sales professionals and focuses on developing a framework for a consultative telephone sale.


Consultative Negotiations Online Sales Training

The consultative negotiations online sales training program focuses on helping sales professionals build negotiation skills that will help them identify win-win solutions and close deals without leaving money on the table. The program is comprised of six modules, each module explores a different facet of the negotiations process from preparation, to converting demands into needs, to closing.


Sales Presentations Online Sales Training

In this online sales training program sales professionals learn how to craft sales presentations that win business. This course teaches participants how to transform their sales presentations from a monologue to a dynamic, compelling, client focused dialogue that conveys credibility and an understanding of the client’s unique needs.


Exceptional Customer Care Online Sales Training

Customer care is an important part of maintaining relationships with clients and winning renewal business. In the customer care online QuickSkills training program participants engage in 5 learning modules that teach them the discipline, process, skills, and attitude to effectively address customer frustrations, take control of the call, and deliver solutions.


Developmental Sales Coaching Online Sales Training

Sales coaching is an important skill for sales managers. The Richardson online developmental sales coaching training program is designed to help sales managers learn coaching practices that will help them take their sales team's performance to the next level. The program is comprised of four courses that will help sales managers develop skills and strategies for providing specific and valuable feedback, removing obstacles, and creating action steps to achieve sales success.


Richardson QuickSkills™ can be used stand-alone or blended with Richardson's instructor-led sales training or existing training.

Because we understand the needs of salespeople, our programs deliver needed skills in 30-minute highly interactive sessions that are challenging, substantive, fun, and most importantly, build high-interaction skills and improve performance.

Part 1 – Made up of 20 minutes of interactive learning in Richardson QuickSkills™

Part 2 – 8 to 12, 12 to 15-minute just-in-time support tools such as QuickTrainer lecturettes and role plays

Part 3 – Interactive assessment - a test, feedback, and score followed by your own action plan

Part 4 – QuickGuides™ for Sales Managers, a turn-key guide for each eLearning course for Managers so that they can lead 20-minute team meetings in which they can apply the skills to their priorities and coach reinforce learning

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