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Sales effectiveness system


Within 30 Days of a Training Event, 79% of What People Have Been Taught is Forgotten. Ensuring that Sales Coaching Takes Place in Your Sales Organization Helps to Sustain the Learning that Took Place in the Classroom.

At the end of the day, if we have not changed the behaviors of your sellers and managers, then we have done nothing. Our approach ensures that behavior changes that initiate in the classroom extend to where they matter most — in the field

drive change through sales coaching and sales training reinforcement

We Translate Training Into Action Through Sales Coaching Activities and Various Sustainment Strategies. In the CHANGE phase we focus on:

  • Teaching Developmental Sales Coaching best practices to managers
  • Establishing a sales coaching culture supported by cadence and methodology
  • Providing managers with a practical way to observe and coach sales behaviors in the field
  • Lending our expert sales coaching when and where you need it — on deal pursuits and with individuals and teams
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Our Sales Leadership and Sustainment Curriculum Offerings Consist of the Following:

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