Team Selling Training Program

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Team Selling


Meeting the complex needs of a client often requires leveraging a team selling. In these situations the selection of team members becomes an important element of achieving success. Members must be carefully and deliberately selected based on their commitment and their ability and willingness to communicate and collaborate. And at the center of a team’s success is trust, the fuel of a high performing selling team engine.


Team Selling Training Program Description


Richardson’s Team Selling Program teaches “team excellence from the inside out” by providing the process and skills that help teams efficiently and successfully operate to pursue additional client business. It teaches relationship managers the critical mechanics of first identifying and gaining the commitment of the right team members who will invest the technical expertise and time to win the added business, and post-sale will deliver value and expand the relationship.

It also gives the relationship manager the skills to “lead without authority,” since he or she often brings senior specialists into the account, and resolve any team member conflicts or competing priorities while creating creative strategic account plans across the client organization.

The team selling program helps the entire team to “gel” through a team meeting framework that teaches the powerful nuances of how a team call is different from the consultative framework of a solo sales call, and provides highly customized scenarios for how to strategically prepare for the client meeting, brainstorm the client’s full range of needs, and build a collaborative, client-focused solution.


Business Benefits of Developing Team Selling Skills


  • Dramatically improve the quality of team sales calls by bringing organization-wide consistency and discipline to how sales calls are prepared for, structured, and delivered
  • Drive revenue and business performance by helping increase close ratios for new clients and expand business for existing clients
  • Build client loyalty and trusted advisor status by taking the initiative to leverage team resources and creativity to meet business objectives


Objectives of Richardson's Team Selling Training Program


  • Provide a common consultative sales process and framework to successfully sell, cross-sell, and strengthen and expand client relationships as a team
  • Engage in creative, strategic dialogues that help clients meet and exceed business objectives by leveraging a full range of resources and technical expertise
  • Provide a unified internal process to partner with team members, clarify team roles, and commit to a consistent communication process to enable the team to successfully execute strategies and plans.


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