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Exceptional Customer Care


Exceptional Customer Care

Customers call a Customer Service Department because they need help. Often, something has gone wrong and customers are frustrated before they even connect with your customer care representative. Richardson’s Exceptional Customer Care program provides representatives with the process, skill, and attitude to effectively and efficiently take control of every facet of a call so they can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Tools available with course:
Exercises, Role Plays, Planners, podcasts, books

Pre-and Post Program reinforcement:
Diagnostics, eLearning, podcasts, webinars, email tips, books, CRM planners, real deal coaching, jogger-cards

Outline of the Training:

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to create a high-quality customer experience by:

  • Identifying and describing the characteristics of truly exceptional customer dialogues
  • Self-assessing their current level of ability with each of the Six Critical Skills of interpersonal dialogue and which skills they need to develop in order to deliver exceptional customer value
  • Connecting with customers through phone presence, relating, and taking ownership of the customer’s issues
  • Exploring the customer’s issues before positioning solutions to meet their needs and exceed expectations
  • Resolving typical and challenging customer objections
  • Manage irate customers in a professional, confident, and calm manner that reduces conflict
  • Turning potential service requests into opportunities to sell additional services that meet the customer’s needs
  • Inspiring the customer’s commitment to the proposed solution and additional services, as appropriate

Business Results:

As a result of active participation in this training and continuous reinforcement back on the job from management and colleagues, you customer care representatives will benefit by:

  • Differentiating themselves from competitors through a constant focus on satisfying your customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations 
  • Building customer loyalty to your company and its solutions by engaging customers in high-quality dialogues
  • Having a consistent and clearly identifiable customer care process across your organization
  • Sharing a common “language” and best practices for delivering exceptional customer care that increase the effectiveness of coaching sessions
  • Driving additional sales through converting service requests to sales opportunities

Delivery Options: Blended, stand-alone classroom, eLearning, webinar, Train-the-trainer

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