Service to Sales Training Program


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Service to Sales  

Think of the many “cues” about customer needs that are mentioned during the course of a typical day to representatives in service positions.  For example, a service representative for a telephone company is helping a customer with a question about her bill and learns that the customer is leaving next week for a cross-country family vacation — and the company’s new GPS phone tracking system could be a very useful tool.  Or a call center representative for a computer manufacturer is helping a customer to resolve a service issue and learns the customer’s son will soon be starting college — and he just lost his laptop.  Imagine how revenues would grow and customer satisfaction would increase if all those cues for additional needs were responsively met with the right products and services.

Richardson’s Service-to-Sales Program helps customer service representatives in any industry turn cues into revenues by providing the process, skills, and confidence to have outstanding sales dialogues and ask for the business.  Participants learn a Service-to-Sales Framework to first have a consultative dialogue that resolves the initial need, such as an issue with a bill or a question about an account.  Next, based on the cue, participants learn to drill down and probe the customer’s additional needs and then persuasively position the right product or service, resolve objections, and ask for the business.   The Framework is applied in highly customized scenarios that give participants real-life practice at turning service opportunities into sales while exceeding customer satisfaction.

Business Benefits

  • Increase the potential to provide an unexpected value-add component to every customer service interaction
  • Increase revenues and customer satisfaction
  • Transform a traditional service culture into a service and sales culture


  • Provide a Service-to-Sales Framework that delivers a common language, process, and methodology for exceeding service expectations by meeting additional needs
  • Build skill and confidence in executing the most challenging parts of a sales scenario such as transitioning from the service to sales portion of the dialogue, probing and qualifying the additional need, positioning to needs, resolving objections, and asking for the business

Audience: Program content is highly customized to any level, from new to experienced customer service representatives and their managers

Delivery Options: Available through 1 day classroom delivery (Richardson-led or train-the-trainer), online eLearning, one-on-one coaching, or webinar; wide variety of relevant books and support materials to embed and sustain learning are also available

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