Leading Virtual Teams Training Program

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Leading Virtual Teams

Program Description:  Technology has made Virtual Teams more prevalent today than ever. Research conducted by the Gartner Group in 2000 revealed that by 2004, 60% of global companies would be dependent on virtual teams.  The group also predicted that because of the challenges inherent to managing virtual teams, 50% of them would fail to meet their strategic or operational objectives.  So why is managing a virtual team so challenging, especially when the technology to support the teams has come so far? 

Richardson’s Leading Virtual Teams Program eases the challenges of leading, managing, and working in virtual teams.  It helps to remove the main obstacle for virtual teams which is that technology has allowed them to work efficiently, but it doesn’t mean the teams know how to work together.  Participants learn a process and skills to build strong, aligned teams and enable creativity and synergy.  The Program uses highly customized scenarios to simulate how to effectively develop a client-focused project plan and prepare for a project alignment meeting, assess your team members’ individual needs and how to support them, lead virtual progress meetings, execute a project plan, and measure results.  The Program also focuses on key obstacles such as managing people who have no direct reporting relationship to you, gaining attention from team members with other priorities, managing resistance, influencing non-aligned members, overcoming cultural differences, and operating in an environment which inhibits relationship building.

Business Objectives

  • Provide a competitive advantage for multinational companies
  • Outperform competitive virtual teams that are not aligned
  • Increase sales, team performance, and project management execution
  • Provide client solutions that are more creative and need-focused


  • Provide a common process and skills for teams to effectively work together, create alignment, and execute large-scale global projects
  • Effectively lead virtual planning and update meetings
  • Learn skills to communicate and manage under sensitive circumstances with nonaligned team members
  • Create synergistic, client-focused solutions through a consensus-building process

Audience:  Program content is highly customized to virtual team leaders and team members as appropriate

Delivery Options:  Available through one-day classroom delivery (Richardson-led or train-the-trainer), online eLearning, one-on-one coaching, or webinar; wide variety of relevant books and support materials to embed and sustain learning are also available


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