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Leaders Leading Change

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Research points to an alarming conclusion:  leading and managing change initiatives are exceedingly difficult.  Typically, 70% of change efforts do not achieve desired outcomes.  In fact, 52% fail with no evidence of change, and in some cases, change efforts result in long-term damage to the organization.  Given these disturbing statistics, Richardson takes a systematic approach to change management that will enable you to address the needs of the multiple stakeholders and constituents upon whom the success of your initiative depends. 

Central to successful organizational change are visible and engaged senior leaders who actively sponsor this strategic change in your sales force.  To support your senior leadership in their role as change sponsors, we offer a workshop tailored specifically to help them communicate and reinforce key behaviors and commitments associated with the learning and adoption of new selling behaviors.

Leaders Leading Change!

Sales organizations focusing solely on change at the level of the individual salespeople and the frontline sales managers do not maximize their investment or minimize their risk in driving a successful sales development initiative.  To address this gap, our senior consultants can facilitate a process to guide your leaders to define and embrace their role in sponsoring this initiative and to drive adoption of sustained behavior change through the ranks.

Leaders of change typically experience three levels of engagement before they are ready to effect change.  The three levels are: 

  • Envisioning the Change
  • Owning the Change
  • Initiating the Change

In a full-day Leaders Leading Change workshop, we deliver a positive, skills-based experience for senior and executive leaders to work through these three levels of engagement and define an approach to effectively lead and communicate change.  At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Communicate the connections between the business’ overall corporate strategy, goals that the organization must achieve, initiatives to achieve those goals, and an individual’s daily responsibilities (as well as that of his/her direct reports)
  • Take immediate action to begin implementing change with their direct reports
  • Know how to change the dialogues that they have with their direct reports about the adoption of the new sales approaches and skills in order to reinforce behavior change throughout all levels of the sales force
  • Verify the degree of change taking place using behavior-based, open-ended questions to improve the quality of their dialogues with their direct reports


Workshop Development Process 

Our senior consultants will work with your senior executives and Sales Managers through the following steps:

  • Interviews with key leaders and stakeholders to understand the case for change
  • Development of an initial draft of the  Change Story that the executive sales leader will review
  • Development of the workshop materials, including:  initiative-specific role plays and Adoption Questions
  • Facilitation of the full workshop by a Senior Training Consultant and sales enablement consultant
  • Follow-up after the workshop to finalize the Change Story and Adoption Questions and ensure that the awareness-building effort is executed appropriately

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