Indirect Sales Training: Selling Through a Channel Partner

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Richardson's Selling Through a Channel Partner Program enables your team to create effective indirect channel sales plans and strategies.  


Program Description


In today’s economy, growing your business through an indirect  sales channel may make smart sense … as long as you are fully prepared with the process and skills to maximize the opportunities that exist.  The key to a successfully selling through channel partners is satisfying mutual business objectives — and that takes a commitment to developing a shared vision, strong communication, and flexibility to continuously adapt to change.  It also takes solid business and selling skills to build loyalty and become a truly consultative channel partner.


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Richardson’s Selling Through a Channel Partner Program builds the skills to create collaborative, profitable relationships.  Participants learn to analyze the partner organization, its key players, and its individual needs with the goal of differentiating themselves at the top of the Partner Relationship Pyramid as a Strategic Partner, vs. being perceived as a less valued technical expert or product provider.  Through the highly customized scenarios of our channel sales training programs, participants build skill in key aspects of channel management such as leveraging meetings as a platform for enhancing credibility and value, building trust and key relationships, reaching the highest level of decision makers without alienating current contacts, and engaging an executive level decision maker in a robust, partner-focused discussion that will uncover key objectives. Participants will also create a channel sales plan and strategy, or "Partner Action Plan" to more effectively manage all partner relationships, prioritize investments across multiple vendors, enable information sharing across account teams, and increase long-term stability and growth.


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Business Benefits of Richardson's Channel Sales Training Program


  • More effectively leverage channel partners as a lucrative source of additional revenue
  • Increase the value, status, and loyalty channel partners associate with you and your organization
  • Transform current channel partners into more profitable relationships while making smarter, more aggressive decisions about partners from which you should disengage




  • Build the skills and process to more effectively leverage partner relationships and increase joint revenue opportunities
  • Develop a channel sales strategy and plan ("Partner Action Plan") with clearly defined, actionable goals and measurable results
  • Gain deeper, wider access into channel partner organizations and build credibility to form long term, trusted relationships with key executives
  • Evaluate financial strategies and business impact to identify opportunities to en-trench your products and solutions, driving growth and profitability




Program content of our channel sales development programs is highly customized to any level, from new to experienced salespeople, their managers, and executive management


Delivery Options


Available through 1-2 day classroom delivery (Richardson-led or train-the-trainer), online eLearning, one-on-one coaching, or webinar.


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