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A healthy sales pipeline shows that opportunities are receiving attention at all stages of the sales cycle and not just at the close. Managing each stage of your sales process through custom, verifiable outcomes; sales analytics; and key skills ensures that your team gives the time and attention needed to consistently reach their sales goals.

Richardson applies solid, fact-based analysis to help your team improve management of your sales pipeline and funnel. Our customized consulting provides a variety of strategic and classroom-based learning tools that align with an organization’s sales objectives, language, and CRM. Participants objectively assess their individual pipelines and, based on best practices of the organization, identify key behaviors to move opportunities through more quickly. The end result: salespeople are more critical and strategic about making fact-based decisions on where to invest their time, and sales managers are poised to dramatically increase the quality and integrity of the sales funnel to more effectively achieve business objectives and sales quotas. 

“Richardson’s Pipeline Sales & Funnel Management training was fantastic. It really helped me to ensure that my sales team was effectively managing opportunities in the pipeline and focusing on priorities.”

– Sales Manager Leading Technology Company 

Richardson's sales pipeline & funnel management services consists of three integrated parts, all customized and personalized to your specific goals and objectives.

  • Sales pipeline consulting (5-10 business days) — This is a short engagement in which Richardson compares your existing sales process and methodology to industry-leading best practices and recommends changes to enhance pipeline effectiveness.
  • Pipeline management for sales managers — In this classroom-based course, we strengthen sales managers’ understanding of pipeline best practices, their analytical ability, and their coaching-to-the-pipeline skills. By making sure sales managers have a complete understand­ing of pipeline best practices and how to sustain them with their sales teams, they are able to achieve a more effective level of pipeline performance.
  • Sales Pipeline Analysis — In this classroom-based course, we develop sales professionals’ analytical ability to look at their own pipeline and take responsibility for changes to improve its health. 

Program Benefits

The benefits of the Richardson solution includes:

  • Aligning the stages of your pipeline to your client’s buying patterns
  • Driving the individual’s and the team’s pipeline so that they reflect those of a high-performing sales team
  • Increasing forecasting accuracy
  • Increasing close ratios by targeting stages of the sales process that can be effectively managed
  • Sustaining robust sales pipeline management practices back on the job  


Program content is highly customized to any level, from new to experienced salespeople and their managers.



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