Networking and Referrals Training Program

Program Overview:  Networking and Referrals –  

Richardson’s Gaining Referrals Program provides the process and skills to make asking for referrals a key component of an organization’s pursuit strategy.  The Program helps participants overcome reluctance, stretch out of their comfort zone, and create a proactive, confident perspective.  Participants develop referral strategies and build tailored action plans using every available networking source such as current relationships, Centers of Influence, internal relationships, social networks, and web-based sources.  They apply a six-step Referral Framework that builds dialogue skill, persuasively sets the stage by building on current trust and satisfaction, and effectively probes to gain insight and information on the referral.  Through highly customized scenarios, participants practice managing objections, whether they are routed in hesitancy or refusal, and making a second effort to ensure success at gaining the referral.  

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