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Sales effectiveness system


"A leading provider of technology & security solutions, engaged Richardson to develop their global sales force to use insights to differentiate and create value in their selling efforts.  The training was anchored to their sales process and integrated the use of data and insights in customer dialogues.  The company engaged the services of eight providers and used Richardson as an integrator to ensure that the sales training supported the full strategic vision and reflected the way the company sold. The company drove $100MM of incremental revenue on a $4MM total investment."

Richardson, one of Training Industry's Top Sales Training Companies, Creates Custom Sales Training Curriculums to Drive Behavior Change


In our work with the world’s largest and most effective sales organizations, we have dissected thousands of sales dialogues across virtually every sector of business. As a result, our Sales Development Curriculum and Sales Management Curriculum is not only definitive, it has been proven to change the behaviors of sales teams and coaches.

It’s effective because it targets the heart of the sale — the relationship between the buyer and seller. Your teams will learn and apply forward thinking skills and strategies to sell to the modern buyer, underpinned by a Structured Learning Methodology that stands the test of time.

Learning in Sales Training Programs - Sales Training Curriculum


In the LEARN phase we focus on:


  • Driving a sales team’s intention to change — an important precursor to actual change
  • Sales Curriculum to acquire of new skills, strategies, and behaviors in a highly-engaging, learn-by-doing training design with intensive feedback and coaching
  • Knowledge retention and mastery
  • Thoughtful, field-based sustainment activities


Richardson's Sales Training Curriculum & Sales Training Programs Consist of:


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The Richardson Sales Training Learning Experience


Interested in learning more about Richardson's sales training curriculums in action? Watch our expert facilitators in a recent program with client and partner, Mimeo.



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