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Richardson's Sales Talent Audit identifies what a sales rep needs for role alignment and developmental needs

Just as DNA is specific to a given individual, a Sales Talent Audit can pinpoint the “job skill DNA” of a given employee. It provides access to skill comparisons and overall success potentials with a predictive accuracy similar to the way a DNA strand identifies the genetic makeup of each individual. In this manner, organizations are able to inventory a complete list of strengths and weaknesses for all key employees across every important position, with every team, or across the whole organization.

Richardson’s TalentGaugeTM: Audit Edition is an excellent instrument to see what an employee needs for role alignment and developmental needs. A critical component when making decisions to align individuals from one role to another is the information collected on the Talent Audit Program.

It is instructive to differentiate between this approach and the typical employee assessment that may generate impressive numbers but not meaningful data. The Talent Audit program is very different from “old school” employee assessments because it is:

  • Designed to reveal predictive results used for effective decision making – rather than to create merely comprehensive or descriptive data (which often have limited value)
  • Standardized, with the same exact measures for some jobs, which create skewed results
  • Completely objective – rather than colored by personal or political agenda
  • Flexible, enabling key data to be compared and cross-referenced in endless varieties – rather than limiting access to a single individual, job function, or group at a time
  • Easy to interpret – free of complex mechanisms that waste valuable time without adding clarity or analytical value

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