Verifiable Outcomes: Defining Sales Process Performance Metrics

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Defining critical activities in sales effectivenessWe will partner with you in identifying your Verifiable Outcomes as a measure of performance which define and are used to evaluate success in achieving your goals. We will support you in defining your leading and lagging indicators as your performance metrics.

Defining Sales Performance Metrics: Identifying Leading Indicators of Sales Success

Leading indicators serve as predictive metrics and will reflect sales success. Because KPIs are predictive, they provide the basis for objective measurement and sales management accountability. To help identify your leading indicators, we interview your managers of high-performing teams and add to this data with best-in-class leading indicators tied to sales success identified by Richardson. Your Managers will use the leading indicators to guide their coaching and assessment of their Sales Professionals. The metrics enable Managers as well as Sales Professionals to measure deal progress, diagnose issues before they become problems, continuously assess and improve performance, and reach their goals.

Defining Sales Performance Metrics: Identifying Lagging Indicators of Sales Success

Along with leading indicators, lagging indicators are important to the achievement of goals. The lagging indicators provide a reflection of overall performance and in many ways today serve as the ultimate measure of success or failure of a Sales Manager. They are the scorecard by which the success of the Sales Manager and sales organization is measured over time. We will work with you to define four to six short-term measures of success such as Reaching revenue targets for the year, Improving past pipeline activity and performance, Percentage of overall sales growth, etc.

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