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Research points to a frightening conclusion, leading and managing change initiatives is exceedingly difficult. Typically, 70% of change projects do not achieve desired outcomes, in fact, 52% fail with no evidence of change and in many cases, long-term damage to the organization. Given these grim statistics, Richardson takes a systematic approach to change management that will enable organizations to address the needs of the multiple stakeholders and constituents upon whom the success of your organization depends.

Changes come in many shapes and sizes.  Some changes are wide-ranging and radically transformational.  Some of them are more targeted in scope and focused on improving certain key skills.  Regardless of its shape and size, all successful organizational change has two components:

  • continuous communication
  • visible, engaged leadership
Defining critical activities in sales effectiveness


3 Levels of Engagement In The Change Management Process


Sales organizations focuing solely on change at the level of individual sales representitives and frontline managers do not maximize their investment or minimize thri risk during the change management process. Central to successful organizational change is the engagement fo senior leaders who remain visible, active sponsors of the change initiative. In order to effectively drive change in a sales organization leaders should understand the three levels of engagement associated with effecting change. The three levels of engagement are:

  1. Envisioning the change
  2. Owning the change
  3. Initiating the change


Optimizing Sales Force Effectiveness During Change Management Process


In order to optimize your sales force effectiveness or sales training initiative, people need to both to understand how they can contribute to the success of the strategic initiative and see their leaders genuinely engaged with the change. 

Richardson’s Leaders Leading Change™ Workshop for sales executives enables your top leaders to effectively “connect the dots” for people between the sales organization’s goals and objectives, challenging issues getting in the way of achieving those goals and objectives, strategic initiatives to overcome the challenging issues, and how each person can contribute.

By the end of the workshop, top leaders:

  • Know what they need to communicate about the change
  • Have practiced positioning that change to a key audience
  • Are able to qualitatively verify the depth, breadth and pace of change going on after the strategic initiative is launched.  Leaders who communicate about and visibly engage with the change earn the right to lead their people through it to a better future


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