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Click here to download our Frontline Managers As Change Agent. This article shows how a sales manager’s active involvement in sales training increases the likelihood of salespeople initiating, engaging, and sustaining new selling behaviors over time. 

Sponsor Change


Organizational change is not easy because it involves people.  


One of the most common and devastating mistakes organizations make over and over again is to jump to implementation of a strategic initiative without having the right level of change sponsorship in place.  Change is not easy because it involves people.  Getting people “on-board” with moving away from the status quo and towards a better future, requires change sponsorship at all levels of the sales organization. 

Effective change sponsorship both initiates and sustains change.  Initiating change requires sponsors to:  understand the need for change, build a coalition to support the change, as well as create a vision and strategy to drive that change.  Sustaining change requires sponsors to: create a sense of urgency to change, continuously communicate the need to change, and take visible action to make the change a reality.

Defining critical activities in sales effectiveness 


Organizational Change Through Sponsorship and Governance


Richardson helps our clients successfully sponsor change in their sales organizations through change governance and sponsorship mapping.

  • Change Governance – It takes more than one person with a good idea and significant authority to sponsor change.  That is why we recommend executive sponsors surround themselves with formal and informal leaders from all levels of the sales organization in order to build a change coalition.  This coalition makes key decision, crafts a change strategy, and advocates for the change across multiple constituencies.
  • Sponsorship Mapping – Power is a fundamental component of change.  The best way to craft a successful change strategy is to understand the political landscape surrounding the change.  A sponsorship map helps to visualize both the depth of support for change as well as the level of competence necessary to successfully embed the change in the sales organization.

Take the time to build your change governance and map your change sponsorship.  You will find that a “go slow, to go faster later” approach results in a greater probability of success.


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