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"The SkillGaugeTM Diagnostic provided me with valuable feedback. Combined with the training seminar, I really gained from it. This is the type of training I would love to take again." - Sales Representitive, Leading Technology Firm


SkillGaugeTM is a Web-Based Sales Skill Assessment and Measurement Tool


Assessing sales skills, measuring post-training sales performance, and motivating salespeople to achieve success are critical components to developing performance improvement solutions that align with corporate objectives.

SkillGaugeTM is a comprehensive portfolio of assessment and diagnostic tools that offer an easy, on-demand way to identify competency levels, benchmark alignment, diagnose training needs, and provide tailored, directed learning solutions. SkillGaugeTM provides a systematic, closed loop process that starts with a clear understanding of your business objectives, behavioral based assessments that provide meaningful feedback to the users and decision-making intelligence to senior management, and a planned, tailored implementation of training that is aligned with systems, reinforced, and measured over time.

SkillGaugeTM As A Sales Skill Assessment and Learning Tool


SkillGaugeTM helps participants prepare to learn before, during, and after an instructor led training session by identifying skill gaps and strengths, preparing participants for training, enhancing focus and learning, and building a foundation for coaching, sustainment, and behavior change.

SkillGaugeTM As A Tool to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Training


SkillGaugeTM helps evaluate the effectiveness of training by providing pre-training and post-training skills assessments to measure the knowledge gained during the formal sales training session, monitoring knowledge retention over time, and providing robust online and offline reporting to inform future sales training decisions and coaching.

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We recommend that within 30 days of exiting the classroom, salespeople schedule one-on-one coaching sessions with their managers to review the results and create a joint 90-day action plan. The managers will monitor the plan and ensure that it is being followed. They will coach and help the salesperson. What we have done is effectively extend the duration of the training for about 120 days at that point. We are saying that in addition to the coaching session, there is going to be 90-day follow-up that is going to be linked specifically to the skills that were taught in the classroom. 


Benefits of SkillGaugeTM


  • Improved ROI on training dollars as specific skills related to business objectives are identified and assessed.
  • Accountability is pushed to the target audience, and sales professionals become responsible for their own developmental progress
  • Stronger coaching through a more meaningful employee-supervisor dialogue
  • Individual reports create urgency and motivation that encourages true behavior change
  • Specific and objective reports offer a complete overview on the evaluation status, commitments to change, and coaching activity for each sales representative


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Available Assessments

Richardson SkillGauge™ tools provide even the most tenured sales professional with meaningful feedback and actionable decision-making intelligence for senior management. Information that is obtained from taking the tool is used to develop a planned, tailored implementation of training that is aligned with systems, reinforced, and measured over time. Each version of the product is based on over 30 years of best practices in working with some of the worlds best sales professionals. 

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