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Seven Steps for Preparing Your Sales Organization for Change

Generating and sustaining behavior change is difficult. According to studies, 70% of organizational changes fail to meet some or all of their business objectives. Worse, 52% of organizational changes result in significant damage to the organization. Click here to download our Sales Organization Change Checklist to learn more about how ready you are to effectively implement change within your organization.

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“If you put a good [salesperson] in a bad system, the system wins every time.”  - Geary Rummler

Richardson’s Sales Enablement Tools help optimize behavior change to produce meaningful sales results.  High-performing sales organizations that we work with concentrate on both developing individual competence and building organizational capacity.  It is this dual emphasis that makes them successful. While training focuses like a laser on closing skill gaps to develop individual competence, sales enablement emphasizes closing performance gaps by building organizational capacity to sustain the behavior change (begun during training) and to ensure it continues to occur back on-the-job. 

We build organizational capacity in collaboration with our clients using five enablers:  process, measurement, change, technology, and talent.

  • Process Consulting – Effective and efficient processes guide salespeople, sales managers, and sales leaders to consistently engage in high-value behaviors.  Using a proprietary methodology, we combine: (1) your customer’s preferences, (2) your high-performers’ habits, (3) Richardson’s best practices, and (4) the inclusion of leading (rather than lagging) indicators.  We have improved a range of critical processes for our clients, including:  opportunity management, channel management, sales management, strategic account management, and customer service.

  • Meaningful Measurement – Clients ask this question all the time, “How do we know that the investment in training is yielding the expected business benefits?”  Richardson has guided clients in moving away from traditional frameworks that focus heavily on learning outcomes (e.g., Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation) towards a more business-centric approach leveraging Kaplan and Norton’s Balanced Scorecard™ Methodology.  We work with your stakeholders to build a company-specific Balanced Scorecard Strategy Map that links training metrics to process-improvement metrics, customer-perception metrics, and financial-results metrics.  In this way, clients more accurately measure training’s contribution to overall company success.    

  • Change Leadership and Change Management – Change is important because obsolesce is painful.  However, poorly led and managed change initiatives threaten performance through reduced productivity, constant distraction, and increased resistance.  Richardson applies both our own leaders leading change and the ADKAR® change management methodologies to reduce the negative side effects and increase the probability that the change initiatives will achieve their business objectives. 

  • Technology Support – Information technology enables salespeople and sales managers to get the support they need when and where they need it most.  We encourage the targeted application of technology to embed key processes and methodologies (e.g., sales process and strategic account management) directly into salespeople’s and sales managers’ daily work flow.  The goal is reinforcement of a consistent, sales force-wide approach to opportunity and account management.  

  • Assessment of Talent – Having the right salespeople in the right roles is critical to effective sales performance.   Accurately diagnosing your sales professionals’ inherent abilities allows executives (1) to determine if they have the necessary talent to execute the company’s go-to-market strategy and (2) to optimize the investment in training.  Identifying the predictive traits of high-performers facilitates the replication of these high-performers across the sales organization through recruitment and succession planning.  Our TalentGauge™ assessment enables you to visualize the “sales DNA” of each person in your sales organization so that you can plan and implement appropriate talent management.   

We customize these five enablers to each client’s culture so that they simultaneously feel a natural evolution of their sales force as well as an improved behavior change.  Our consultants strike this balance by both harvesting your own best practices and then merging these with Richardson’s more than 30 years of experience across multiple industries and a wide array of sales challenges.  As a result, your sales organization is better aligned to support the individual competence your sales people, sales managers, and sales leaders have acquired through training.  This optimizes their performance back on-the-job and maximizes your training investment.      

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