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Richardson's Selling with Insights

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Richardson's Selling with Insights

Teach your sales reps to make the connection between your insights and your ability to help a prospect or a customer.

Richardson’s Selling with Insights™ is a customized sales training solution that teaches your sales reps advanced preparation techniques and dialogue skills to effectively present insights, create needs and shape the customer’s thinking, add more value, differentiate your solution, and build credibility as a trusted business partner. Richardson’s Selling with Insights™ program specifically targets modes of selling that we have identified in our work with top clients and industry experts, especially Create and Shape.  In these modes, reps share insights, but what they share and how they share it depends on the appropriate response to the buyer’s location in their process.  The goal in each mode is to increase your ability to influence decisions and win.

Depending on how it is customized, Richardson's Selling with Insights™ is a one-to-two day program that includes pre- and post-work, learning sessions, planners, coaching and a post-learning reinforcement tool, Richardson QuickCheck™. The Richardson Selling with Insights™ program also incorporates our Richardson's Insight Blueprint™ which helps reps systematically create, personalize, and communicate compelling insights. 

The Richardson Selling with Insights Program will help your sales team members to:

  • Enter the customer buying cycle earlier through deeper understanding of the customer’s business and by proactively bringing them relevant insights and ideas
  • Understand how to be a catalyst for change within the customer organization — motivating the customer to move into change mode by leveraging insights, tools, and solutions
  • Understand how and why to share insights in a collaborative, conversational manner that encourages sharing of information and enhances the salesperson’s credibility
  • Understand what different members of the customer decision team value and tailor insights accordingly

For more information, please click the following to download a complimentary Richardson Selling with Insights brochure