Web-based training courses

Welcome to Richardson web-based QuickSkills™!  We are confident you will find the QuickSkills™ courseware very informative and are excited about the opportunity to provide you with our service!  

The Programs Available to you are:
Six Critical Skills
- High-Impact Presence
- High-Mileage Relating
- Questioning 1 - Structuring
- Questioning 2 - Prefacing
- Questioning 3 - DrillingDown
- Effective Listening
- Persuasive Positioning
- Checking Power Skill
Consultative Selling
- Leveraging Opening
- Need Dialogue
- Resolving Challenging Objections
- Positioning Effective Solution Dialogue
- Closing Win Win Momentum
- Sales Call Preparation
- Enrichment: Getting the Appointment
Consultative Negotiations
- Preparing for Negotiation
- Controlling Opening Negotiation
- Controlling Counter Opening
- Converting Demands Needs
- Leveraging Value Justification Concessions
- Closing Win-Win Negotiation
Effective Sales Presentations
- Preparation
- Opening
- Agenda, Agenda Check, Need Check
- Positioning Your Story
- Leveraging Questions Answers
- Summary, Final Check, Close
- Enrichment: Creating Synergistic Team Presentation
Advanced Consultative Selling
- Understanding Key Drivers
- Uptiering
- Cross-selling
- Selling Against Competition
- Asking Complete Range Questions
- Resolving Price Objections
Developmental Sales Coaching
- Effective Preparation Opening
- Perceptions Needs Dialogue
- Obstacle Solution Dialogue
- Closing Coaching Session
- Enrichment: In-the-Action Coaching
Exceptional Customer Care
- Leveraging Opening
- Leading Effective Need Dialogue
- Resolving Objections Complaints
- Positioning Solutions Options Dialogue
- Closing Professionally
- Enrichment: Irate Customers
- Enrichment: Telephone Effectiveness
Consultative Telephone Selling
- Leveraging Effective Outbound Opening
- Leveraging Effective Inbound Opening
- Leading Effective Need Dialogue
- Positioning Solution Dialogue
- Resolving Challenging Objections
- Closing to Win

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You may contact QuickSkills™ Support at any time by phone at  800-686-8019   or via email at support@QuickSkills.net.