Personal Banker Enrichment Courses

Price Objections

In today’s competitive banking environment, customers often look for opportunities to challenge price and terms to make sure they’re getting products and services that best fit both their needs and wallet. This course will help you to resolve price objections as you use a powerful process to reduce defensiveness, allow your customer to evaluate your offer in comparison to the competition, justify the value of your features and benefits based on what’s most important to your customer, and help show your confidence and conviction.


Referrals are an excellent source of new business and they are there for the taking — all you have to do is ASK! The key to gaining referrals is knowing how and when to ask for them.  This course will help you to leverage a positive situation that just occurred as the basis for asking for a referral such as a solution you provided, or excellent problem-solving or customer service.  You will learn to confidently ask for referrals by positioning your value, mentioning specific types of people, the needs which you could meet, and the benefits you could deliver.  

Delivering a Difficult Message

It’s necessary to deliver a difficult message when you can only satisfy part of your customer’s need.  While Personal Bankers always strive to provide the best customer experience possible, sometimes it’s impossible to accommodate what your customer needs, exactly when he or she needs it.  This course will help you to summarize the need you can’t fulfill, check to ensure your understanding is correct, position creative options that satisfy at least part of your customer’s need, check for feedback on what you have positioned, and conclude by reinforcing your relationship.