Sales Dialogue for Personal Bankers


Successful Personal Bankers use the Opening to connect with customers on both a professional and personal level.  The Opening is used to warmly welcome the customer and set the tone for the entire conversation. While the Opening usually takes a small amount of time, it has great impact on how your customer responds throughout the conversation. This course will help you to leverage the Opening to build rapport, identify your customer’s purpose for the visit, take ownership for meeting his or her needs, and transition out of the Opening and into the Need Dialogue by asking a Permission Benefit Question.

Need Dialogue

The Need Dialogue provides a questioning process and skills to help you explore your customer’s needs by first fully understanding the initial need.  By probing for needs before discussing the features and benefits of your solution, you ensure that your solution truly fits your customer’s requirements.  This course will help you to ask open-ended Objective Questions about the customer’s initial need, use a range of deeper questions to gain additional insights into the customer’s current situation, level of satisfaction, future needs, and personal situation, and listen carefully for cues to other ways you can help.

Solution Dialogue

The Solution Dialogue is the part of the customer conversation when you leverage your capabilities by showing how you can satisfy your customer’s needs.  It’s the time to use your customer’s language to persuasively position your features and benefits and shape the perception of the value you bring.  This course will help you to provide a structure as you begin to recommend your solution, use words that paint a picture as you position your solution, check to gain agreement on how well you’ve met the initial need, and confidently ask for the business.

Value-add Dialogue

Once you’ve met your customer’s initial need in the Solution Dialogue, you’re ready to focus the discussion on your customer’s full range of needs.  The Value-add Dialogue is the part of the dialogue when you match bank products and services to customer “cues” about additional needs.  This course will help you to ask a Permission Benefit Question to gain the customer’s agreement to continue the dialogue; follow-up with deeper questions to explore the additional need, customize features and benefits to needs as you position your solution; and check to gain agreement on how well you’ve met the additional needs.


You can be extremely skillful in welcoming your customer, understanding and exploring needs, and offering your solution, but to succeed as a Personal Banker it’s critical to take action and close. This course will give you the skills to effectively close by helping you recap your solution/recommendation with a concise summary of key features and benefits, ask a final Checking Question, ask for the business, set an action step, and maintain a positive last impression.