Branch Mangers - Developmental Coaching

Preparation and Opening

It’s very helpful in coaching situations for coaches to use a disciplined process as they coach Personal Bankers and Tellers and move them to their next level of performance. The Developmental Coaching Framework provides this process. This course will help you to prepare and open a coaching session by setting a specific, achievable, and measurable objective, setting the stage with brief rapport, providing a Summary of Events, and communicating a clear purpose.

Perceptions and Needs

The Perceptions and Needs Dialogue is the heart of the Developmental Coaching session when the coach asks questions to understand the perceptions of the Personal Banker or Teller, and then shares his or her perceptions in a direct, helpful, and balanced way.  This course will help you to use neutral acknowledgment and powerful questioning to gather perceptions and needs first and then position your feedback in a direct, helpful, and balanced way.

Obstacle and Solution Dialogue

Once the coach has opened the Developmental Coaching session and gotten the Personal Banker’s/Teller’s and coach’s perceptions on the table, it’s time to identify obstacles and develop a solution. This course will help you to “Ask, Don’t Tell” by letting the Personal Banker or Teller identify the obstacle and suggest possible solutions first, before giving your view.  Asking before telling allows you to gain insight into the Personal Banker’s or Tellers level of understanding and promote buy-in, ownership, and commitment.


The Close is the time to finalize your coaching session. It’s an opportunity to clarify any possible misunderstandings, create momentum, and continue to strengthen the relationship.  This course will help you to summarize the Personal Banker’s or Teller’s understanding of what was discussed at the coaching session and the action steps, gather additional feedback about buy-in, and strengthen the relationship despite the fact you have given constructive criticism.

In-the-Action Coaching

A coach often thinks of coaching as an event that requires planning.  While it is essential to invest the time to plan for maximum effect, coaching is not limited to planned, longer sessions.  This course will help you to use here-and-now, on-the-spot situations to coach and develop your Personal Bankers and Tellers in just a few minutes using the In-the-Action Coaching Model. You’ll learn to leverage each interaction as an opportunity to coach, use acknowledgment to maintain motivation, ask one focused question, position action steps or directives clearly, and check.  Note that you should complete the full Developmental Coaching program as a foundation prior to taking this course.