Retail Banking QuickSkills

For retail banks, it’s all about relationships – continuously nurturing and growing existing relationships while attracting and signing up a constant flow of new customers.  And at the heart of the customer relationship are Tellers, Personal Bankers, and Branch Managers.  No longer can they be one dimensional and meet the initial need for why a customer comes to the branch.  Today’s Tellers and Personal Bankers must also learn to listen, think, and question more effectively to identify additional opportunities to then cross-sell additional products.  Concurrently, Branch Managers must be able to effectively coach to develop the skills of Tellers and Personal Bankers and ensure that customer needs are being met to their fullest potential.

To effectively meet the needs of the changing retail banking environment, Richardson is now offering our award-winning eLearning, Richardson QuickSkills™, customized to retail banking. This retail banking suite of 23 eLearning courses provides high-impact training to help every level in a retail branch build skills, meet customer needs, and expand relationships.

The Retail Banking QuickSkills Solutions provides:

High-impact training at every level in a retail branch to help strengthen and expand customer relationships.
Best practice experiences based on working with some of the world’s largest and most successful retail banks. The models used in the eLearning represent sales and service methodology that is time-tested and proven by hundreds of thousands of professionals over the last three decades.
Tools, techniques, and resources to help Tellers, Personal Bankers, and Branch Managers to do their jobs more effectively.
On-demand access to cost effective eLearning, resources, and information anytime and anywhere.

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